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    Contacts or Glasses for CBT?

    My glasses were terrible sizing, way too small for my head and I even got new ones but they gave me the same small size after requesting bigger ones. Idk why they think everyone's head is that small but yeah go for bigger sizing.
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    Current Plebe: Ask Questions About Anything

    Yes I definitely think the plebe classes are manageable, especially if you don't take jedi math (advanced math) and stuff like that, it just comes down to doing your homework and studying while being challenged with a new lifestyle. The essay classes are all the history, english, and psychology...
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    Computer Question

    Also the WREN, which is the DOD wifi server, can even be accessed with your phone and you can get on CIS outside of the WREN (normal wifi) to check grades or if you forgot to sign out on pass, but you have to use the government VPN that they tell you to use.
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    Computer Question

    That's not true, many people use their own laptops so yes you can use it, and you'll get an external CAC reader as well with your issued laptop that you can plug into your personal one. You'll have to get the issued laptop anyways though, you can't opt out of it and the $1,600 will be taken out...
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    Current Plebe: Ask Questions About Anything

    1. Pretty much from the start of the academic year the plebes will get along very well with the upperclassmen. In the first semester it's a little more strict but as long as you follow all the plebe rules it's a casual environment most times. 2. The barracks can be hit or miss, I like my...
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    Current Plebe: Ask Questions About Anything

    I'm doing great so far, it's crazy to see that my plebe year is almost over and I'm happy with what I've done here so far. First semester was definitely a learning curve adapting to the challenges of being a plebe and a college student in general, so it was pretty rough. I'm doing much better...
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    Current Plebe: Ask Questions About Anything

    I figured I'd make a thread of my own since we're coming up to Beast very quickly and people have a lot of unanswered questions. I know that at this time last year I was stressing out about small little things so get them answered now so you know you're good to go. It could be about the smallest...
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    Current plebe- feel free to ask for Beast advice or school year

    I don't see a response for this one so I'll help you out. 1) Lots of them. As much as you can fit pretty much into your bag but don't bring more than one bag (at least 15 pairs of long black socks with no logo and underwear.) I wouldn't get too many super quality boot socks like Fox River, I...
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    Where to buy boots/Recommendations

    Do not show up with Corframs. Those are the shiny shoes that have artificial plastic to make them shiny. It's hard to find the leather low quarters nowadays so just shop around and make sure that they aren't shiny when you get them because they have to be leather and you'll shine them during...
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    Current plebe- feel free to ask for Beast advice or school year

    I'll put in some answers here as well, low-quarters are worn with As For Class uniform which is on Monday and Tuesday most weeks so not worn nearly as much. Inserts are only if you need them, after breaking them in they're comfortable so personally I don't wear inserts. Although during R-Day...
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    Church at USMA?

    Also to add to this you asked if Sundays are chill days, absolutely not. There's time in the morning after PT and breakfast for church services and then you'll have training afterwards pretty much every time. White space days (days with lots of free time) are randomly scattered throughout Beast...
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    Church at USMA?

    They definitely didn't do chaplain's time during our Beast on Wednesdays, and you'll be able to go to mass every weekend unless they mess something up like they did last summer. We missed Sunday mass once because they had us taking the ACFT during that time when it's protected religious time...
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    Indians at USMA?

    I understand that this is typical college application stuff, but please don't "rank" the races in terms of how favorable USMA might see them. USMA occasionally might admit someone over another with equal candidate scores because of their race but don't go into applying with that mindset. I am...
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    Current Yearling at USMA, AMA - Female 2024

    If anything please bring tons of black socks and underwear, black socks can be worn with any uniform and it'll help a lot having a ton of them to change like 2 or 3 times a day. If you can't find shoe polish or some of the other smaller stuff it's not a big deal you can just buy them at the...
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    USMA Overnight Visit - Experience and Some Tips for Future Visitors

    C-store has moved from next to Mologne to Thayer now, and there's one for food and drinks and one that has the same stuff as the old C-store.
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    CFA- Will I pass?

    Do everything you can to get your pull ups to 8 with perfect form, then you'll know you're good to go for sure.
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    Admission Chances?

    He is currently at USMA btw :D
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    Anyone needing advice on their application or life at WP

    Definitely go for at least the posted averages so that you don't have a chance of hurting your application with your CFA, if you barely pass it won't look good.
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    Definitely come and visit, as the LOE allows you to come and see what it's like here. We've already had a few CC's come here and it seems to be a good experience for them to spend the day with us plebes. Our class didn't get to do it because of COVID though.
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    Anyone needing advice on their application or life at WP

    The average is above passing but you want to strive for as high as you can get, I got about average on four events and above average on two and did fine and you'd also be fine with a little lesser scores.