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    TWE by mail only?

    My DS decided that his plan B (AROTC scholarship to his first choice) had become his plan A a couple of weeks ago and shortly thereafter he told me his portal updated with a TWE (this was probably ten days to two weeks ago). He never showed it to me but I trust that he recognized it for what it...
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    Anyone on NWL get TWE or BFE yet?

    My DS is in the same boat, and we feel the same way. However, an interesting thing happened a couple of weeks ago. He came to me one day and said that he thinks his Plan B has become his Plan A. Obviously, West Point has been the Plan A all along but we have continued to remind him that both are...
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    AROTC Transfer

    After being accepted into the honors college at one of the schools my DS had applied to, he decided he wanted to transfer his scholarship to that school. He did the transfer request through the portal which just involved submitting a statement as to why you wanted to transfer the scholarship and...
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    Boys state alternate?

    It has been our experience (and it may vary by area) that alternates that want to go do usually get a spot. Be sure they know you are willing to go and be sure to fill out the paperwork because there will be someone who was chosen that will not go (may happen soon or could be right down to the...
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    Appointments by state?

    I understand that appointments will continue from now until May 1, but is there any order to when appointments are released based on state? I have just noticed on the appointment thread that certain states seem to have a good number of appointments while others, quite noticeably, have very few...
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    February 26th

    It is my understanding that if he has a green check for the CFA then he passed. They will let you know or the check will go red if he needs to redo anything. Sounds like he is good to go:)
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    February 26th

    My DS is certainly under the impression that a second wave is coming because, in addition to the language in the 3Q letter he received, he read somewhere (on his portal I believe) to be sure to check your portal on Feb. 26.
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    ACT Re-do?

    Since either SAT or ACT is accepted I would stick with the SAT. Some people are just naturally better suited to one test or the other. Your SAT score is outstanding!
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    How do you get a PE SOE without a PE Course?

    We had a very similar issue with my DS. His coach had originally filled out the form because he had not taken a PE class since 9th grade due to playing varsity sports every year and it was kicked back. In the end, we had the guy at his school who administered his CFA complete the evaluation and...
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    Candidate slots?

    If someone on the slate has an LOA, is it safe to assume they will automatically win the slate or is that not necessarily the case?
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    Confused about 3Q letter

    Thank you for the information, and he does have his backup plan in place. In fact, I hate to even call it a backup plan (sounds like the booby prize) because it is a full tuition AROTC scholarship to an excellent college to which he just learned he was accepted into their honors program. In some...
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    Confused about 3Q letter

    I have two questions regarding receipt of a 3Q letter. First, does receipt of the 3Q letter definitively indicate that the candidate has not won their slate? Also, is there any advantage or disadvantage as to when the 3Q letter is received? If you are 3Qd with a nom earlier in the process...
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    Moral Delimma and when to Give up Scholarship AROTC v NROTC

    Thank you all for your wonderful advice. I will have him read all of this. Sometimes it is easier to hear it from someone other than your parents:)
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    Moral Delimma and when to Give up Scholarship AROTC v NROTC

    My DS received 4 year scholarships for both AROTC and NROTC. He thinks his first choice would still be an appointment to West Point (which he has not received but he is 3Qd with a nom) and he thinks he prefers the Army branch in general to Navy. As it stands, if he does not get an appointment...
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    Videos went away

    Do you have a 3Q letter already?
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    Can I leverage my NROTC scholarship for college admissions?

    My DS is going through this process as well. He received both NROTC and AROTC scholarships and we were hoping this would help him in particular with two reach schools on his list. He applied early action (non-binding) to both of those schools. He was admitted to one and deferred at the other...
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    Facebook post

    My DS has a 3Q letter but cannot turn his 7th semester transcripts in until the end of this week so he reached out to his FFR and was told it is not a problem and that many are in this situation and it "will not hinder his chances at all." Still, I feel like it could certainly delay things...
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    USMA 7th transcript

    My DS did not get this letter but, as mentioned earlier, his portal went from green to red for the 7th semester grades (around the 1st of Jan).
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    USMA 7th transcript

    My DS is in the same boat exactly (grades will be released at the end of this week). He contacted his FFR because he received his 3Q letter at the beginning of December and his nomination in November but now has the red mark for 7th semester grades. He was told that many are in this sittuation...
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    Facebook post

    I would say the LOA carries more weight because it guarantees admission IF you are fully qualified (medically, academically and physically) and have a nomination, but the 3Q letter means you have met the standards of admission and just need to be chosen. In a perfect world, it is best to have both:)