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    Group number and policy number for dental

    Hope you can help. My DS (mid) needs either braces or invisaline and they are asking for the dental policy and group number for midshipman. Does anyone have this? Thanks!!
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    Quick Question

    I have a friend who knows a recent Naval Academy grad that once his four years at the Academy were done, he received a letter thanking him and letting him know that his services were no longer required. No mental or physical problems. How rare is this? Is it just a handful or is it 10% of...
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    Quick question

    My Dd is in rotc and going to Annapolis on Iday as candidate for class of 2021... what is the process of leaving Rotc if he is on non- scholarship ... does he just DOR? Thanks for input !!
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    Class of 2021 USNA Appointment Thread

    My DS received word from Congresswoman Susan Davis from 53 district this past Monday that he has been dooointed to class of 2021... 2nd time is the charm !!!!
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    When is I day this year ?
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    Question on airfare for appointee

    Does the Naval Academy pay for the appointees' flight to Washington DC if the family would like to go on the Monday before IDAY? Thanks!!!
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    Calculus 1 or 2

    Thanks so much
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    Calculus 1 or 2

    My son is reapplying this year and got a 5!in AP Calculus test. He is attending SDSU via ROTC. My question is this... Does he retake Calc 1 or take on Calc 2 with Chem and a total of 14 or 17 units? "Easy" A in 1 or maybe a B plus in Calc 2???? Dean of admissions told him he would recommend...
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    ROTC student - what classes do I take?

    Thanks so much for your help and input!!!
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    ROTC student - what classes do I take?

    He took Chemistry in High School. Accelerated and not AP. He will take a full year of this his freshman year. Thanks!!!!
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    ROTC student - what classes do I take?

    My son is attending SDSU/ROTC this fall and I wanted to confirm the course load he should take for the first semester. The classes that he is planning to take are Naval Science, Calc, Physics, English Lit and History. My question is this...Does he take an entire year of Physics? And is there...
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    Career question - Intel?

    Thanks so much....It is a difficult decision that he is faced with - and turning down Air Force is hard to believe. He is so committed being a Naval officer that he feels strongly that he is making the right call. Ultimately, its his decision and I can only guide and advise.
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    Career question - Intel?

    Tha Thanks so much for your feedback sir. I have a follow up question. Because my son is dead set for Navy and Annapolis (he even prefers NROTC at SDSU vs. AFA), can you articulate the chances of him being a communications officer when he becomes a SWO? As I stated before, the field that he...
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    Thanks so much!!!
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    Thanks so much!!!
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    Career question - Intel?

    Thanks for your feedback and input.........
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    Thanks so much!! Is Physics and Elec Engineering 2 year? His major would be Political Science
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    Ask Us (current cadets) Anything

    Can you please tell me what the class schedule will look like for a first year cadet? (Calculus, Chem, English - 1st semester....... Calculus, Physics, English - 2nd semester etc..............)My son and I just visited yesterday and he is deciding between Air Force and Navy (ROTC) His career...
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    Can anyone tell me what the first year workload, by class and semester is, for a new cadet at AFA? I know that they take Physics, Chem, English, Calculus, Elect Engineering...etc. But how are the classes broken down by semester? Thanks in advance for your input!!!!