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    Is there a community piano that cadets are allowed to play? Thanks.
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    Getting into West Point through the National Guard?

    Appointed candidate to the c/o 2024 here. I've been enlisted in the NG for almost four years. Feel free to message me with questions about the NG and how the application process was for me.
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    Blister prevention, best tips?

    I blistered terribly during basic with the standard issues. I use foot powder, sock liner & fox river socks, and also I was initially tying them incorrectly. I had to basically "kick" my heel into the back of the boot when tying them so my heels stayed in place firmly, then there was less...
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    Math competitions

    Thank you for the insight! Sounds to me like a great challenge to have.
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    Math competitions

    I was very intrigued reading about the history of a USMA/Harvard Math Competition on the West Point website. Does anyone know if there are any math competition opportunities for cadets? And if so, are they available to students outside of math majors? Thanks in advance.
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    I sometimes wear glasses or a contact in one eye but not very often. On my vision section of DODMERB's, the optometrist specified no glasses/contacts. Am I allowed to have contacts mailed to me after beast, and is there an eye doctor that'll be accessible in case I need any new prescription...
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    C/O 2020 here, AMA

    What was survival swimming like? How did those who weren't very strong swimmers do?
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    Validating courses

    What is everyone's take on validating college courses? I'm entering with an Associate's in Engineering and would like to validate as many as I can; however, I've been told that it is a poor idea. I've heard that I will likely just end up in Jedi/advanced placement courses and will have a...
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    DD Form 4 (Enlistment/Reenlistment Document)

    I am in the National Guard and appointed to the c/o 2024, and I am working on my paperwork for a conditional release/service exemption from my current contract. I need to fill out a DD Form 4, but my unit is unfamiliar with this as they have never dealt with my situation. Additionally, my FFR...
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    West Point to Ranger School

    Great, this is good to know. Thank you for the insightful reply.
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    West Point to Ranger School

    Hello all. I am an appointed CC to the c/o 2024 and am very interested in branching infantry. Does anyone know how well West Point prepares cadets for Ranger School, and is there anything in particular I should focus on during my time there? Thanks in advance.
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    USMA vs MIT ROTC A very insightful perspective I found on Quora. Either way, congrats on your acceptance and appointment, and I wish you all the best in whichever you choose.
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    DD93 and SGLI

    @boxmm24 @sunnytrail Thank you very much!
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    DD93 and SGLI

    According to the "Instructions for Applicants Offered Admission," incoming cadet candidates are to hand carry the DD93 and SGLI forms on R-day. The forms have a box entitled "date signed" which is auto-filled with 6/29/2020 (R-day). Should I wait to sign these, or does it not matter? Thanks...
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    USMA Admissions Officer - AMA!

    In addition to this, do cadets have to extend their contract to have a chance at branching aviation?
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    Beast 1 Squad Leader

    Thanks. Also, what are the guidelines/restrictions for running shoes? Am I okay to just bring a broken in pair of black running shoes?
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    Beast 1 Squad Leader

    Plebe knowledge. I've heard mixed responses on whether to learn it ahead of time or not. What are your thoughts?
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    I'm pretty sure I just typed both in the box in a format that looked something like this: UW/W: 3.91932/5.25000. Not certain, but I think if both are there it'd be a pretty safe bet.
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    Double major

    Can you double major if you validate enough courses? I'd like to major in both Mechanical Engineering (or something similar like systems engineering) and a foreign language. Any insight is appreciated.