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    VMI Ratline & PT

    Everything is going very well! I managed to achieve a 3.5 GPA compared to others who are mostly around 1.8-2.5 GPAs. I am completely settled in and used to the hardships of VMI and embrace it as it feels rewarding. I realized the importance of the embodiment of a "stoic warrior" to endure the...
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    VMI Ratline & PT

    Yes! I have made it through Hell Week/Cadre Week, it was thrilling and very rigorous but I enjoyed the camaraderie with my brother rats. I am very enthusiastic about my classes even though my passion is military history (HI Major). I have made Preston Library my home after BRC & before Taps. My...
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    VMI Cadet Ranks and Insignias?

    Yes, understood. :) You are the 3rd person to give me that type of great advice. I will be sure to be modest and will be respectfully attentive to my mentors or cadre who will train and discipline me. Law 1: “Never outshine the master” (Robert Greene’s “48 Laws of Power) A retired honor guard...
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    VMI Cadet Ranks and Insignias?

    YES! I found a document called "Leadership Opportunity Inventory" on the VMI website. Thanks for the help, all I could find before were lousy google images of the cadet ranks but most were for West Point. Although the document on VMI doesn't show or explain the insignias in a diagram, it is VERY...
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    VMI Regimental Band & Extracurricular Activities?

    How much time does the VMI Regimental Band take out of you're schedule?? How often are practice during a typical week and how often are there marching performances and long distance trips??? Do you have to join the Regimental Band first in order to join other musical bands like the Commander's...
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    VMI Ratline & PT

    What are some of the specific exercises that VMI Cadre make rats do during the ratline? How many reps and how many sets? How often? How can I best prepare in terms of muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance before I matriculate this fall? Would maxing out my VMI Fitness Test or APFT help...
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    Best Way to Avoid being a lousy "Butter Bar" 2nd LT after ROTC & SA??

    Does anyone have any good advice on how to best prepare in Army ROTC to become a decent Infantry Platoon Officer and to avoid bad "butter bar" lieutenant mistakes?? What are some common mistakes that newly commissioned 2nd lieutenants make after completing ROTC and Service Academies? Would it be...
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    VMI Cadet Ranks and Insignias?

    What are the order of ranks in the Corps of Cadets at the Virginia Military Institute from least to greatest and what do each of the insignias look like for each rank?? I am very eager to memorize the chain of command and ranks at VMI before I matriculate this fall. Also, what is the application...
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    Most notable military generals/leaders, theorists, and strategists of all time in history?

    Who are the very best historical figures (generals, nation leaders, statesmen, monarchs, philosophers, military theorists) to study from in terms of leadership, strategy, tactics (in modern conventional warfare, siege warfare, maneuver warfare, guerrilla warfare, sea, air, etc.), different types...