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    Overnight Visit

    I didn't think it paled - I loved it. Felt that it was a complete fit for DS. When he told me how disappointed he was, I was shocked. You're right, Highland Falls isn't downtown Annapolis, but in my opinion the individual, hands-on, action of USMA is much more a fit for him. That's why I'm...
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    Overnight Visit

    DS has a 2nd Class brother at USNA. Got a TWE last year and reapplied to both USNA and USMA this past year. Received an appointment to USMA and had an overnight visit last week. He was excited, thought that WP was probably where he fit better since he is wanting to go infantry/Marines/special...
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    Is my understanding correct?

    Any chance if we reach out we force their hand to give him a no instead? Although he is a college re-applicant, I don't know how competitive he is on the NWL.
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    Is my understanding correct?

    I think after being at Annapolis - green lawns, white shiny buildings, beautiful flowers, ocean and blue sky...walking out the gates to DTA and knowing you have somewhere to go and something to do to get away, even if it's for a few hours...seeing WP was a shock. He understands life at USNA...
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    Son rec’d an appt and had an overnight. I read your book but other than McDonalds or sponsors...

    Son rec’d an appt and had an overnight. I read your book but other than McDonalds or sponsors, what do plebes do to get away? Do cadets ever get X-Box, TV? I have a 2nd Class at USNA so we get time constraints but we know they have to get downtime. His plebes were not happy.Most were flunking...
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    Im not happy....

    As of DS's overnight visit last week, rumors were rampant, and according to plebes, no one had been disciplined. Rumor was that it was not just cocaine use, but dealing from the barracks.
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    Is my understanding correct?

    DS has a USMA appointment. Visit did not go well. Has a mid brother at USNA now and status on portal still says "complete pending review". Pretty sure via our parents club that MOC vacancy went to someone else so assuming he is NWL. He reapplied after a TWE last year - went to college and took...
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    USMA Class of 2020 Appointment Thread

    1. TriService2017 DD/ September 16, 2015/Presidential/ PA-04 (Scholar Athlete) 2. ClimberGirl/LOA September/Appt Jan 21, 2016/MOC/OH-12 3. FLboy/LOA Sept/Appt Oct 21, 2015/Rotc nom/Fl-6 4. Chris Abbott/ DS / AOG Scholar Marion Civil Prep / Appt Jan 21, 2016 / MOC / FL-16 5. brovol/DS January/...