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    NPP vs. College Programmer

    I am attending IIT this fall with the prep scholarship but clearly there seems to be some misunderstanding either on my end or someone else's. I was under the impression that it was still a 4 year program just with the first year paid for by IIIT NROTC and the last 3 by the Navy. Is this true or...
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    NSI Pre-Arrival Fitness

    I'll start by saying I know that the Navy does publish a PT plan to prepare for NSI. My issue however is that I slightly jumped the gun on this plan and am about to complete it despite being at least 10 more weeks away from NSI. My question is if anyone knows a good resource or plan to continue...
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    NSI Assignment

    I mailed my NSI packet last week and confirmed with USPS it has been delivered. When can I expect to hear what iteration I have been assigned and will that notification come by mail or email? Also the packet mentioned requiring orders from your unit to attend I'm assuming those will be provided...
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    Based on my (admittedly very limited) personal experience I would recommend you reach out to your school's unit as soon as possible. I did this and found out about a preparatory scholarship they offer that I was able to apply for. Your school might have something like that you don't want to miss...
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    Please correct me if this is incorrect but does this mean it is unlikely for alternates to be notified of non-select status this week?
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    NROTC Alternate Chances and Timeline

    I have been an Alternate for many months now (since October) and the waiting has been quite challenging. I would like to ask what, at this point, chances are of being awarded a scholarship (For a Tier 1 Major) and what the timeline usually is for that notification. Have any alternates been...
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    Reserve Enlistment and NROTC at the same time

    I am currently sitting on alternate status for the 4-Year NROTC scholarship. I know I just need to wait but especially based on what I've seen about other applicants I'm unsure about my chances so I'm exploring other options. One such option I've heard about would be enlisting in the Naval...
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    NROTC Alternate Status

    I received an email that stated I have been placed as an alternate for the NROTC Scholarship. I got some clarification on what this means from my JROTC Instructor but still am unsure exactly. My main question is about my chances of being awarded a scholarship. I know this likely varies from year...