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    Exception of Policy

    Hello, I'm currently working through the PLC process for the USMC. My waiver for a past surgery was recently denied and I thought this was the end of the road. However, my OSO mentioned he wanted to put me in for an "Exception to Policy" to the USMC HQ in regards to my surgical history. Does...
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    Waivers for Arthroscopic Hip Surgery?

    Hi, I had hip arthroscopy done on my right hip in fall of 2015, and was awarded an NROTC scholarship Navy option for class of ‘21. Was denied waiver request on multiple occasions (tried an appeal, congressional inquiry, everything under the sun) with strong backing from 3 orthopedic surgeons. I...
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    NROTC vs plc help!

    After doing some digging I do believe you can join NROTC as a junior in college. Good luck.
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    AROTC School knows you selected them as #1?

    Hi, I was on the NROTC side of things so it may be different, but for NROTC you were automatically placed on the roster of your #1 choice and had to request a transfer of unit to another school if you desired. As for admission to the school, ROTC scholarships and admission to a school are...
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    AFROTC Medical Disqualification

    Yes it was, right labral tear in my hip.
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    NROTC vs plc help!

    I'm not too certain for NROTC, but I believe you only have to begin with two years left of school (so you would be in good shape I believe). However I am not sure how eligible you would be for a scholarship as those are extremely competitive as a Marine option and would most likely be granted to...
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    NROTC scholarship decision question...

    I was a scholarship winner last time around (although lost it due to medical reasons) and submitted my application relatively early. I also was Navy option and heard in mid-December that I was awarded the ISR scholarship, so in other words I didn't go through any boards but I would imagine the...
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    AFROTC Medical Disqualification

    I am kinda in the same boat for a different condition though... This is what I've heard so take it as a grain of salt, but I keep hearing that the military was downsized during the previous administration with the war dying down a bit. I was awarded an NROTC scholarship and lost it after being...
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    ROTC no longer an option... PLC?

    Thank you, I appreciate it.
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    ROTC no longer an option... PLC?

    Hello all, I have had the craziest year so far from being awarded a scholarship to NROTC, to losing it to a medial DQ that was not waived, but then finding out that the AMI I submitted was not processed 6 months later... But long story short I'm now looking into the PLC program since losing my...
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    AROTC MSII: Torn hip Labrum questions

    Just curious... if you don't mind me asking how are things going with the military as of now and if they DQ'd you for it? I had the same thing (torn labrum and FAI) and actually was prevented from participating in NROTC because of it.
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    Waiver Help, Last Chance...

    Hello everyone, Well at this late in the game I realize my options for what I can do to help out my situation are limited but I was wondering if anyone on here may have some advice or experience with this so here goes... This past December I was awarded an ISR Navy option NROTC scholarship...