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    Summer session / Jump

    Quick question. Based on the calendar 1st session ends and 2nd session begins on 6/24. Assuming 1st session is your free session, what time on 6/24 do you need to report back for the 2nd session ?? Thanks
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    USAFA & Space Force

    Son just commissioned to Space Force from ROTC. Technically he commissioned to Air Force Reserves which will convert to Space Force when he gets his orders. Interesting thing about the interview. He sat in front of his computer and the questions were delivered in text on the screen. His computer...
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    Pilot Qualification Questions

    According to an old friend who was a Dr. who specialized in allergies during the first couple of years in a new geographical environment you will likely not experience any symptoms of seasonal allergies. After that they often return. The honey works for many but it must be local to the area...
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    SS vs Summer Wrestling intensive Camp @ USAFA

    I think it’s a great choose. Maybe he can take an admissions tour while he’s there. Doesn’t hurt to ask.
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    Good enough ACT scores to be considered for a NROTC scholarship?

    Awesome math and science scores. You’ve got plenty of time so I would say work on the English and Reading take it again. No one can say for sure what’s good enough so to be safe you should keep at it until it’s as high as you can get it. Your in great shape but your not there yet.
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    Letters of Recommendation for Congressmen?

    Delivery is moc specific. In our area one Senators process included sending the letter writer a email with a link to upload the letter. Same as the academies. The other Senator requested the applicant to include all letters in the pdf application the applicant would submit. He noted that if the...
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    Intro - Mom of 7th grader

    I would recommend looking into the Civil Air Patrol. It will provide leadership training ,opportunities to fly and many opportunities to volunteer his time to help various causes. I would also stress the importance of sports. Track and or Cross Country would be perfect. There are many things...
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    Soaring or Jumping

    Thank you!
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    Current 3-Degrees: Ask Us Anything!

    Based on the academic calendar the 1st summer period ends and the 2nd period begins on Saturday 6/24. Wondering what time those who are in the 2nd period need to report. Thanks
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    Soaring or Jumping

    Based on the academic calendar the 1st summer period ends and the 2nd period begins on Saturday 6/24. Wondering what time those who are in the 2nd period need to report. Thanks.
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    AFROTC 4 yr scholarship: To proceed past the second year you must be chosen for, attend and successfully complete field training. Field Training takes place the summer after sophomore year. I believe on average approximately 80% or more of eligible cadets are offered a spot. However 2 years...
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    AFROTC tough year for HSSP

    It was a Bloodbath. I suspect that experience had a lot to do with the changes that were implemented this year.
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    M. Today as well.
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    Soaring or Jumping

    I’d like to get an idea of how competitive it is. Do you have any idea how many C-4’s typically try out each year ?
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    Soaring or Jumping

    When you say “summer schedules are finalized”, is that the case for all sessions and activities or just for Soaring. Thanks
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    Boot Recommendations?

    Lowa Zephyr Son reported with these boots and has worn them through BCT and just about every day since. He loves them. A little pricey but no regrets.
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    Boys State versus a week training as CAP AF UPT?

    Boys State is asked about specifily on the application. However, that sounds like an awesome course. Any chance he might be able to attend a neighboring states Boys State? Assuming it’s being held a different week.
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    Problem accessing DODMERB. ?

    DODMERB is back up.
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    Problem accessing DODMERB. ?

    Is anyone having issues accessing DODMERB. ?
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    What’s on your bookshelf? (Share your recommended reading!)

    Washington: A lLife , by Ron Chernow. The Book Thief. By Markus Zusak.