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    Prep School parents saying DS or DD are attending the academy

    Our DS received an appointment to USNA for the class of 2020 and will be attending the class of 2020. We could not be more proud of his accomplishments. Coincidentally a classmate was applying to a different SA and didn't get an appointment but was offered the prep option. The parents and...
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    Bringing sports equipment/contacting club coaches

    Our DS is also bringing a bag of athlete shoes and was wondering the same about if he should contact the coaches ahead of time or wait and see what happens during Plebe summer.
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    Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread

    congrats to 2020prdPop/DS. We are in MI-02 and DS as accepted too. Would like to have our DS's contact each other but not sure how to go about it.
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    "PTR PACKET" & "SPONSOR PROGRAM" sections added to USNA Portal

    DS received packet on Wednesday. He signed the Permit to Report to U.S. Naval Academy last night. It's official...he reports at 7:00 am for Induction Day! WOW
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    How did you/yourDS/DD react upon learning of appointment?

    DS received a call on his cell phone on the school bus to a basketball game Friday at 4:15. He said he noticed it was from Washington DC and answered by saying hello using his nick name... and our congressman was taken back thinking he had called the wrong number. DS realized that it was the...
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    We were told that our congressman does not give out principle noms. I believe DS was the...

    We were told that our congressman does not give out principle noms. I believe DS was the competitive slate winner though. ..quote from congressman when he called DS, "You blew the panel away in your interview". When can we have lunch to talk about your appointment? Hope this helps. Best of...
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    Important News

    District 2
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    Important News

    Ds received phone call from MI congressman on Friday. No change to portal yet. Was told he would receive BFE in a few days.
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    DS received the 5 star award at USNA Summer Seminar

    DS received a phone call yesterday Feb. 5 from our congressman congratulating him on his appointment to the Naval Academy! FYI time line for those still waiting to hear: NASS in June Application "complete pending review" September 14 Congressional nomination in portal Jan. 4 no LOA DS will...
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    Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread

    38)Duke24/DS/Appointment 05 Feb 2016-will accept/MI-02/Congressional nom
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    CVW invitation?

    Our DS received a CVW back in late September but by the time he responded to the email the slots were all filled. He called the admissions dept. to confirm if he could still get in for the weekend and they said because he had participated in the NASS he would be fine. For those that might get...
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    DS received the 5 star award at USNA Summer Seminar

    I have been reading a lot of forum discussions the past month and waiting like most on an appointment for our DS. Curious, I have not read anything about the USNA Summer Seminar and the impact on DS and DD if they attended. DS on the last night of the summer seminar was told he received the 5...
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    Michigan Candidates

    Our DS has his nom from our rep. and his USNA application has said Congratulations your application is "complete pending review" for a while. We have been waiting on Peters though...and I just read your post about receiving a nom from Peters last night. How did he contact your son if I may ask.
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    Michigan Senate noms

    Our son received an email from Stabenow on Friday. Nothing from Peters or Huizenga yet.