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  1. WW1UFI

    Uniform Measurement Form for Incoming Plebes

    So while filling out the dress shirt sizing, my parents and were confused over what the correct neck measurement should be, if it should be a strict (tight) measurement around the middle of the neck, or a loose measurement with two fingers under the tape like they do at stores like Jos A. Banks...
  2. WW1UFI

    AP Credit 2020

    Does anyone know if USNA is still accepting any AP Credit that could potentially be earned as a result of taking the online AP tests this year? Due to Covid-19, AP exams have been moved online, but some colleges are refusing credit as they believe that testing integrity and legitimacy of scores...
  3. WW1UFI

    Police Check form

    Need I have multiple sources to get this form filled out? For example, going to multiple locations like Town police sheriff’s office, etc?
  4. WW1UFI

    Blackboard Login?

    So this is probably the wrong time and place to ask, but I'll ask anyway.... Does anyone know if incoming plebes can make a gmail account through blackboard? I have received and accepted appointment. Reason for me wanting to do so is so I can get the student discount on Apple Music...
  5. WW1UFI

    New PRT

    Hello, so I will be a Plebe starting this summer and would like to train for the “new version” of the PRT that they will be having. Could someone please tell me what the new PRT entails and what scores will be passing, and which scores will be the max? I read that it consists of 2-count Cadence...
  6. WW1UFI

    Has anyone ever been required to send senior year transcripts after appointment?

    Hi all, so I have been offered a letter of appointment today, and was trying to remember how much of my h.s. transcript I have sent to USNA. I think it was only up to 6th semester, so I haven't sent anything from senior year. Will I be required to send 7th, or even 8th semester grades? Also, I...
  7. WW1UFI

    USNA CLASS OF 2024 Update-List-Yourself APPOINTMENTS

    USNA Class of 2024 Appointments 1) SSSam42 / Self / LOA / 17-Oct-19 / Accepted / IL / USNA Superintendent / Direct Appointment 2) 2024USNA2024 / DS / LOA / 29-Oct-19 / Accepted / NY / Presidential / Direct Appointment 3) Proud2024Dad / DS / LOA / 14-Nov-19 / Accepted / IN / Senatorial / Direct...
  8. WW1UFI

    When is I-Day for class of 2024?

    Think I have a scheduling conflict with it so I’ll need to plan that out!
  9. WW1UFI

    Are Nomination Apps Rolling?

    Yeah, sorry, I meant CLOSE, not OPEN. Hasty typing. And thanks for explaining!
  10. WW1UFI

    Vice Presidential Nomination Recommendation Letters...

    Hold on. There are no LOR's required for service academy applications besides the Math and English teacher ones, right? And those aren't really technically "LOR's," not in the traditional sense.
  11. WW1UFI

    Are Nomination Apps Rolling?

    So I know that many of the nomination apps open at different times, mine range from September 27 to November 8th, but is sooner better? As I understand it it doesn't matter when you submit it because the nomination sources have their own committees that look at all the apps after the deadline...
  12. WW1UFI

    USNA Class of '24

    USNA Class of '24
  13. WW1UFI

    Documentation of Service Hours

    Hi everyone, Do I need to provide documentation/evidence to corroborate all non-school related activities? I know that I will have to get my h.s. guidance counselor to respond to the email thing that's a part of the app. But for other activities, I don't have to have proof or anything right? For...