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  1. TexMex2022

    Contemporary Church Services?

    Sun 2000 is contemporary. I’ve been told it’s run by Chaplain Uyboco (don’t even think I spelled that right, but he’s a great guy)
  2. TexMex2022

    Brigade, Regiment, Battalion, Company, and so on.

    More mid input: The reason I’ve attributed to the difference between now and the orderly passing in plebe summer isn’t the lack of rigor, nobody yelled at us to pass the food orderly in plebe summer, it just happened out of efficiency, but now (depending on the meal) almost half of my table...
  3. TexMex2022

    Brigade, Regiment, Battalion, Company, and so on.

    While this isn’t the more important topic Mids care about, one distinction that must be made with squads that only Old Navy BGO mentioned is table sizes. In my company we have 4 platoons with 4 squads in each (with 3 fireteams per squad if there are enough 2/C). We have never dealt with...
  4. TexMex2022

    Offshore Sailing

    A bit outdated. The few changes are the races that are done and the availability of different types of vessels. We have the fleet of Navy 44s, along with various donated boats. All with a unique skill set such as buoy racing, day races, or overnight offshore races. The summer obligation is...
  5. TexMex2022

    Navy federal

    So when I was reading up I saw that USNA contracts (I don’t know if right word to use) Navy Federal for payments therefore a dummy account is opened with NFCU and if you elect another account for payments then NFCU will automatically direct deposit into that account.
  6. TexMex2022

    Capital Gains is a thing right? Oh and Credit too.

    I did talk to USAA and they have a Cadet/MIDN specific credit card that I was able to apply for. All you need is Permit to Report. It’s a $2500 limit at 4.5% plus prime. No annual fee and it’s a signature card! It only appears on their website when you have your USAA title officially changed to...
  7. TexMex2022

    Ac year family visit?

    The funny part of that is my grandmother was wanting to move but didn’t know where. Annapolis is now in her sights...
  8. TexMex2022

    Ac year family visit?

    Recently when a bunch of family members asked me if they could come visit me on a weekend I was made aware that I know nothing about the Mid life. I am aware it’ll differ from Mid to Mid, that I don’t need to know everything, and I know I will learn what I need to along the way but I just want...
  9. TexMex2022

    Plebe Summer Items

    A dear teacher of mine gifted me a nice scientific calculator because I was saying I couldn't bring the graphing calculator I got a few years ago (that I assumed would last me through college) so that is now a must to bring. As for the phone: is Ziplock the only acceptable brand of cellular...
  10. TexMex2022

    Plebe Summer Items

    I am by no means an expert as I am incoming class as well but I have anxiously read enough to realize it truly is more "pack light" and less of "freeze at night." I plan on bringing nothing other than myself, my wallet, my paperwork, and one good pair of running shoes. However, that's my...
  11. TexMex2022


    This is just a recommendation/offer. If you have another account you'd like to use for Direct Deposit (even another NFCU acct) you can bring a DD Slip, voided check, or just fill out the slip they give you.
  12. TexMex2022

    Your son/daughter goes where???

    I once had a NAVY RECUITER tell me she had no idea what USNA was and to go ahead and take the ASVAB because I would for sure need to if it was a Navy thing...
  13. TexMex2022

    PTR Packet

    *I want to preface this as I'm just restless to get this stuff done with so I've done a lot of thinking to pass the time.* Yeah but my previous experience sending mail through "pony express" USPS was sending a letter two small towns over to my Rep... It took 3 days. So even from Naptown to N.Va...
  14. TexMex2022

    Class of 2022 DIY USNA Appointment Thread

    It wouldnt let me PM you but... Hey man, first welcome fellow Texan! but secondly I would give the suggestion amend your screen name to not include your actual name. I see one appointment from Apr 4th so that's at the least a good sign, I will be hoping on your acceptance because Texans for...
  15. TexMex2022

    PTR Packet

    I assume the discrepancy between the letters and the PTR it is becuase the package is over 16oz they must ship through priority. Though what do I know?
  16. TexMex2022

    PTR Packet

    Wow, day after! So much for the snailmail theory... Thank you for your info!
  17. TexMex2022

    PTR Packet

    If you dont mind. What is the postmark date?
  18. TexMex2022

    Shoe Policy?

    I read that but it just deals with running shoes. But for a.c. year daily shoes is there a color or style restriction?
  19. TexMex2022

    Shoe Policy?

    What is the Plebe running and daily show policy? I need to get new shoes but don't want to waste money this close to I-Day.
  20. TexMex2022

    Permit to Report

    Do you know if I will be sent my PTR if I have not mailed my birth certificate yet?