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  1. USNA.hopeful

    MN Nominations

    Yes, nom by Paulson district 3 to WP and nom and appointment by Klobuchar to navy, which I accepted.
  2. USNA.hopeful

    Any Minnesota Appointee's?

    Hello, I recently got an appointment from Senator Klobuchar in MN, curious if anyone else has found out?
  3. USNA.hopeful

    I am from MN-03 too, I got an LOA to Navy from Klobuchar. What school are you from?! I went to...

    I am from MN-03 too, I got an LOA to Navy from Klobuchar. What school are you from?! I went to the Nomination celebration for Congressman Paulsen
  4. USNA.hopeful

    Class of 2021 USNA Appointment Thread

    119) USNA.hopeful/DS/LOA/ Appt 2/24/2017/ Accepted/ MN-03/Senate Nomination
  5. USNA.hopeful

    NROTC ---- Accepted ---- School

    University of San Diego/Rolling (Navy Option)-- MN
  6. USNA.hopeful

    DQ for broken pinky?

    Thank you, does it hinder my chances if they know I have to get a waiver?
  7. USNA.hopeful

    DQ for broken pinky?

    Hello all, first wanted to say thank you for all the help this forum has been for my questions about DoDMERB. I have a pretty messed up pinky that might require surgery, would that be something that might DQ me or is that something that can be easily wavered? Thank you
  8. USNA.hopeful

    ROTC to USNA

    Hello everyone, If I do ROTC for a year and mimic the schedule of a plebe at USNA, will I have a good chance of appointment to the USNA provided I do well in my academics and my unit? Is it unusual for people to be accepted to USNA while they are currently in NROTC? Thanks.
  9. USNA.hopeful

    Officer Interview tomorrow

    Thank you, I hope all goes well for you too.
  10. USNA.hopeful

    Officer Interview tomorrow

    @AggieWill My interview started at 9:30 today and went to 11 am. It was an hour and a half long. He asked me plenty of questions about scenarios and what I learned from each one. What I want to do in the military and why. If I didn't get a scholarship what would I do. Explain a situation with a...
  11. USNA.hopeful

    USAFA Application Portal Is Now Open for the Class of 2021

    My application says I am a competitive applicant but there is no portal, what should I do now? (Excuse my username I am applying to all the SAs)
  12. USNA.hopeful

    Officer Interview tomorrow

    AggieWill I am doing the interview tomorrow now. I'll let you know how it goes
  13. USNA.hopeful

    Officer Interview tomorrow

    I know this is late notice but what should I be prepared for and know going in for my interview for my ROTC application package? Thank you, if you could answer tonight that would be greatly appreciated.
  14. USNA.hopeful

    NROTC: How to improve for application

    Hello, I am hoping to submit my application for NROTC soon, but I wanted to see what you guys think I could improve on. I am hopeful that I get the scholarship, but not sure how the board will see my application. I have a 3.7 unweighted and 29 ACT with 31 E, 30R, 27 S, 26 M in the state of...
  15. USNA.hopeful

    What do I do now

    I am applying this year, and the same thing is happening with me. I started researching last year's essay questions and with that preparing my essay. The questions usually don't change much at all as I have asked current cadets about their essay questions. If you want to be prepared, go online...
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    Candidate Activities Record

    Thank that is exactly what I needed to know.
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    Candidate Activities Record

    If I am have not officially been named captain of my football team, but it is very likely as my coach has said he will name me multiple times, should I check the box that I am captain or wait until I am actually named captain? Is it bad to project things that are likely for senior year or is it...
  18. USNA.hopeful

    Candidate Activities Record

    I would wait a week or two and then contact the Dean of your grade or principal depending on who.
  19. USNA.hopeful

    are these scores for the CFA passing (men)?

    @Capt MJ Is this a CFA that is good enough to move on from? Basketball throw: 59 ft Pullups: 13 Push-ups: 70 Sit-ups: 95 Shuttle run: 8.8 Mile: 6:18
  20. USNA.hopeful


    Quick question, is my personal trainer able to proctor my CFA? Thank you.