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  1. cisco

    VMI Commissioning & Graduation

    I'm curious about this too, also if graduation/commissioning day also marks the end of the school year and for summer to begin for the lower classmen?
  2. cisco

    Women at Ranger School Thoughts? Opinions? Concerns? Also I'd like to add, I'm not in the military. But I would like to know what your thoughts are on the subject.
  3. cisco

    Disasterous Consequences for 4 recent USNA Grads

    This is unbelievable! :eek:
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    AROTC - What Happens After Commissioning?

    Any rough estimate you could give for the schools' availability? Is there a "Branch Night" that contracted cadets will have like that of USMA to find out what their branch is?
  5. cisco

    Successful North Korean Missile Launch

    God help us all.
  6. cisco

    Coast Guard SEAL accession program

    :confused: LITS did not post it? Probably not.
  7. cisco

    Coast Guard SEAL accession program

    It is interesting. It is also two years old.
  8. cisco

    How the French Infantryman sees us...

    Thank God for Google translator.
  9. cisco

    Seal Training

    No. Navy SEAL. West Point = Army.
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    Junior ROTC cuts

    In my Freshmen year, Six seniors were accepted to West Point from my school; it made the news and I couldn't believe it. (I didn't know them, wish I did though).
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    More details on the proposed upcoming resizing of the Army...

    Are they cutting combat brigades or just putting them together to make them smaller? :confused:
  12. cisco

    Junior ROTC cuts

    The NJROTC's in my city are being evaluated and a few have already shut down. Mine is also on that radar, and a lot of teachers don't see NJROTC as that big a deal, despite being an Honor Unit with Distinction. Last week there was a food fight, Student Council and my JROTC helped clean. Also...
  13. cisco

    If you had a choice between recoupment and enlistment?

    "There are only two guarantees in this world, Death and Taxes"
  14. cisco

    2 Women Share 1st Kiss at US Navy Ship's Return

    Two women kissing = The fall of America. I'm very curious to know what exactly is your reasoning to think that PDA of homosexuals will result in the "eventual demise" of America?
  15. cisco

    Ways to improve time?

    I did have a graphing calculator. Just need to keep track of time, Thanks everyone!
  16. cisco

    Ways to improve time?

    I took the ACT, and I've recently recieved my scores. For Reading I recieved a 26, for math a 19. I know my math is very low, but the only reason for it is because I didn't manage my time very well and when there was 1 minute left (The teachers tells us that there's 5 minutes left, well here she...
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    Presidential Brief today at 1650EST on future military budget and force posture

    Happy birthday LITS! It's almost my first birthday too. Can't wait! :biggrin:
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    Iran warns U.S. carrier not to return to Persian Gulf

    Wrong. Never did I state that nor intended on stating that. But this isn't about our President on how he handles Congress and the Economy, yet you bring it up. Express your discontent as freely as you want, but on a personal not, I can't stand it when someone randomly bashes President Obama...
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    Iran warns U.S. carrier not to return to Persian Gulf

    Way to spam up the thread bashing our commander-in-chief. :spam: How is it his fault that a group of grown men cannot work together? How is he not leading the country in the right economic direction when the majority of things weren't passed or approved by Congress? What are his...
  20. cisco

    Iran warns U.S. carrier not to return to Persian Gulf

    Well, they don't repeat their words twice. They repeat them for 33 years. :wink: