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  1. BBF2003

    BCT Boot Recommendations

    I'm wearing them as we speak, super comfortable and light, however probably not the best choice for jack's valley as water probably would screw them up. I had a heavier, thicker, waterproof boot during basic and that was a good idea.
  2. BBF2003

    Bible during BCT

    Someone in my basic flight brought a bible, and during a shakedown they found out she hid photos of friends, family, etc. in it, so don't do that but other than that there's no issue.
  3. BBF2003

    Ask a Doolie Anything

    I am one of these people
  4. BBF2003

    Current doolie, ask any and all questions

    I am also a doolie and while I'm not the OP, I can tell you that most cadets do not have a prior affiliation w/ the USAF or the academy. I personally do not, and neither do most of my friends here. :)
  5. BBF2003

    Form 341

    Actually they were just reinstated this year by General Moga. We fill them out at lunch. :)
  6. BBF2003

    USAFA Appointment List Class of 2025

    Much obliged 👍
  7. BBF2003

    USAFA Appointment List Class of 2025

    Can someone please change #136 to accepted? Thanks!!
  8. BBF2003

    No Military Connections (USMA Hopeful)

    As mentioned above you'll be fine. I have a similar reason behind my desire to serve. My grandfather was liberated from a Nazi concentration camp by the United States military. He ended up living in Israel but was always grateful to the US for his liberation, serving is my way of showing...
  9. BBF2003

    Covid Vaccines for cadets?

    I think it depends on your area and the criteria they have set for receiving a vaccine, I'm 17 but the job I have (delivery driver) allows me to get the vaccine in my county. Got my first dose, second one in a couple weeks :)
  10. BBF2003

    Could a good ACT score make up for an average GPA?

    Definitely wouldn't hurt. Also sounds like you're doing great, keep trying to raise it obviously, but great job. But as soon as you are given contact info for your ALO, I recommend introducing yourself (maybe schedule a phone call to do so), and ask him/her your question. Personally, I think...
  11. BBF2003

    Could a good ACT score make up for an average GPA?

    If it helps, I only took 5 AP classes throughout all of HS and received an offer of appointment last Wednesday. Now I wouldn't say I recommend taking only 5, but it worked for me. I took a lot of honors courses as well, so if that's what's available to you take it. But I think the overall...
  12. BBF2003

    Advice for Future Applicants

    yes, USNA and USMA as well
  13. BBF2003

    Waiting for portal change after MOC/Senator notified of appointment?

    Do you know if you receive emails if there's an important change in your portal? I tried this link, and then clicked the "appointments and interviews" link and it appeared to be broken.
  14. BBF2003

    Waiting for portal change after MOC/Senator notified of appointment?

    How do you access the "new portal"??
  15. BBF2003

    USNA Class of 2025 Appointments Update-Entire-List-Yourself

    for those of you appointed recently (within the last week) when did you finish your application, if you don't mind me asking? Excluding DoDMERB
  16. BBF2003

    Thank You!!

    It would be my pleasure :)
  17. BBF2003

    Thank You!!

    I joined this forum early in my junior year, with next to no knowledge regarding the academies. Over the past year and a half, the many experienced individuals on this forum have provided endless answers to endless questions. I think I speak on behalf of all of us on SAF when I say THANK YOU...
  18. BBF2003

    Note to Candidates Who Have Received Offers

    Thanks for this, wasn't aware it was due so soon
  19. BBF2003

    USAFA Appointment List Class of 2025

    BBF2003/Self/No LOA/17-Mar-21/Undecided/CA/Congressional/Direct