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  1. thorsmom


    Yes, we're waiting still. Got a Fed Ex alert today only to find out it was from somewhere in Texas. Trying not to lose hope here!
  2. thorsmom

    April 16 still on hold

    So very true! And what a great photo:) Is he starting SUNY in the Fall? My DS was adamant that it was KP or bust (he may soon very well be dealing with his first real-life disappointment if it's bust). I told him he is applying to USMMA and SUNY come May 15. If he wants to be a Merchant...
  3. thorsmom

    April 16 still on hold

    Sorry to hear... We are still waiting. Told several times in the past weeks that he's "in a good position," but we're starting to lose hope. If it's a TWE for my DS too, we'll have to stay in touch and keep each other company!
  4. thorsmom

    Waiting, waiting, waiting...

    Waiting, waiting, waiting...