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    BCT: Male Swimsuit?

    They’re likely going to have you swim in your PTs. That’s what we did for the Army Swim Test and the CWST. Don’t take my word for it, because in the cursory re-skimming of the documents on the portal I couldn’t find where I read that. On a related note, make sure to bring grid squares, a shot...
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    Rejection from West Point...

    Many famous military leaders—Patton, Eisenhower, Ridgeway come to mind—did not come to West Point right out of HS. Patton spent a year at VMI because he thought he was too stupid to go to USMA. Ridgeway failed the math portion of his entrance exam. Eisenhower worked to support his brother who...
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    Garmont T8 Multi-Terrain Tactical Boot This is what they want you to have. They called it by different names in a couple...
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    Bugle Notes

    Is there a full version of Bugle Notes available for download? I was instructed by my PMS to pick up a copy. I’m not sure if what I’ve found online contains all the information I need. I would also rather like to avoid dropping $100+ on an old hard copy. Thanks in advance.
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    USMA Class of 2022 Appointment Thread

    BSCAR / Self/ No LOA / 24-Feb-18 / Accepted / WI-05 / Congressional, Senatorial, & ROTC/ Direct Appointment
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    USMA Class of 2022 Appointment Thread

    BSCAR/ self/ no LOA/ 24-FEB-18/ Undecided/ WI-05/ Congressional, Senatorial, ROTC/ Direct Appointment
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    Sports at USMA

    If they train how we did for Ranger Challenge it’s more likely to be skills oriented training (e.g. one rope bridge, marksmanship, 9 lines/TCCC, UXO reports, land nav, knot tying, movement to contact, etc). What physical exercise they do have will probably be more along the lines of ruck...
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    7th semester transcripts

    They asked for my 8th semester HS transcripts to be uploaded about a week ago. Granted, I’m a college student.
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    In complete disbelief...

    Bear in mind that many—including Patton and Ridgeway—were not accepted into West Point immediately after high school. You’re in damn good company.
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    Nomination Notification

    It’s MOC dependent. This year and last year I was made a competing alternate and they told me in the letter they sent.
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    Appointments 2022

    Does anyone have any experience with ROTC nominations? I’m curious when that slate is decided.
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    No class rank

    If your school doesn’t provide class rank, one will be assigned to you based on the percentile of you ACT/SAT score.
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    Best major for intelligence career?

    That is false.
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    Got a call from one of Wisconsin’s senators’ offices informing me that I had been nominated weeks ago, but they forgot to put my notification in the mail. Still no word from WI-05, but I didn’t get that nomination until after Christmas last year.
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    Anyone get a nomination to USMA from WI Senators yet?
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    Candidate File Qualified

    Last year I got an email from my RC informing me that I was 3Q’d sometime in late December. It didn’t show up in my file until February. I had my application finished since October.
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    I’m pretty sure Johnson and Baldwin don’t cross nominate; last year I got a nom to USMA from one and a nom to USAFA and USMMA from the other even though I specifically stated I only wanted USMA. You can still get your the nom from your district representative. I did. When did your DS get...
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    How did I do on my CFA?

    If the CFA push up is analogous to the APFT you passed push ups by the skin of your teeth. Passing is passing, though. Other than that, you exceeded the averages which is good. As it was explained to me by my RC the difference in Whole Candidate Score (WCS) points between maxing the CFA and...
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    I preformed exceptionally poorly on my CFA run. Nerves got to me and I couldn’t stop puking. I ended up running a 7:58. I know that no one knows for sure what pass/fail is, but has anyone had a similar run time to mine and passed or failed? Thanks in advance.
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    If you're not gunning for a scholarship I think the only academic requirement is to be enrolled in a university with an ROTC program. You should just be able to sign up for it as an elective course.