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  1. bpoythress

    Armed Forces Bank Questions

    Hi there, Getting ready to head out to the Academy is a process full of decisions, and it seems every decision is one that will have a pretty significant impact on my life. Naturally, this means I'm trying to make them carefully. Among the scores of papers I need to send to the Academy is a...
  2. bpoythress

    Question about Disciplinary PT

    Hi everyone, After accepting my appointment, I've been researching, visiting, and discussing the Academy with lots of people to get a feel for what to expect while there. A question has become ever more nagging in my mind: what kind of disciplinary action can we expect? I understand hazing has...
  3. bpoythress

    Class of 2019 Appointment Thread

    Juvat (DD), Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, FL-21 Navydad1971 (DD), Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, MD-5 KTMDad (DS), Appointment, 24 Oct, Presidential, CA-04 RckyMtnKP (DS), Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, CO-5 Gator19, Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, AL-01 Mbleykhman (DD)...
  4. bpoythress

    Letter of Assurance + Nomination = What now?

    Update Thank you everyone for your input. I wanted to drop a quick update: a week and a half after my nomination, I still only appear as a candidate with an LOA. How long should I expect to wait before receiving an appointment? When I spoke with my admissions counsellor, he told me everything...
  5. bpoythress

    Letter of Assurance + Nomination = What now?

    So the overall impression I'm getting is that if I have an LOA and receive a nom, it doesn't matter whether I was the principle nominee or not? Please forgive my lack of familiarity with the mechanics of this whole process - early on, I tried to limit my knowledge of the process simply so that...
  6. bpoythress

    Letter of Assurance + Nomination = What now?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here as of a few months ago, and haven't been very active in posting until today (funny how that works... you don't ask questions 'til you have questions to ask, eh?) I received an LOA from the Air Force Academy last month, and since then have received a nomination...
  7. bpoythress

    Choosing between Service Academies

    Also choosing I'm in a similar position to OP's - LOA in hand from USAFA and told by USNA representatives to expect an LOA from Annapolis, and suddenly I could possibly be faced with a choice I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to make: which one do I want? I know both will offer me a...