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  1. CatChaser

    Careers With a Degree in Computer Science

    My DD (c/o 2019) graduated with a double major in Computer Science and Information Technology. Computer Science was heavy on theory, and the Information Technology was a more "practical" path. They overlapped a good deal with electives, so it wasn't easy, but was doable for the double major...
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    Story Time: Famous People You Found Yourself With

    I've met Russell Crowe and got to shake his hand and got his autograph. My husband had his picture taken with him. Russell Crowe was filming some scenes from a movie in our neighborhood, and he (through someone in the crew) said if we (the neighbors) didn't interfere with the shooting, he would...
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    Plebes Dropping Already

    This isn't the thread for it, but I would like to hear stories of Free 19. DD was a member of Free 19 (c/o 2019) and never told me any stories.....😺.
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    USNA Candidate Visit Weekend

    Sorry it took me so long to get back. I believe my DD called (or emailed) and asked for a CVW.
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    The hair situation- plebe summer 2019

    My DD went with the pixie cut (just don't call it that to her face :D). We went to my stylist and had it done before I-Day. She has fine hair that breaks easily and would not take neatly to a bun (lots of little bits sticking out). She's 1/C now and hasn't regretted it. She does need to go to...
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    Corrective eye surgery questions

    My DD had PRK the fall of her 2/C year. Her service selection was aviation/pilot and she was accepted into that community. She heads for flight school sometime next summer after graduation/commissioning.
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    I am PISSED!

    I hold a TS clearance. I filed my 5 year reinvestigation paperwork 2 years ago, and it was just finalized this past May. So it took about 18 months to go through. My coworker filed his paperwork about a month after I did, and his has not been finalized. Unfortunately, a TS clearance right now...
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    USNA Course Rigor/Depth

    My DD is a 1/C mid and a Comp Sci/IT double major. She spent Block 3 of this past summer at the Air Force's Maui High Performance Computing Center with one of her CS profs and 3 other mids doing research. So, not only 3.5 weeks doing some cool research (which will be used), but fun after hours...
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    Navy federal

    My DD already had a NFCU checking account before her I-Day. I can't remember if she told them in the PTR paper work what her account number was or not. Looking at her account in the fall after Plebe Summer, she found it had automatically been changed to an Active Duty checking account.
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    Is the Personal Swearing-In Ceremony Worth It?

    They also had flags in the basement set up for the private swearing-ins.
  11. CatChaser

    Is the Personal Swearing-In Ceremony Worth It?

    We did it. My sister is a retired Marine Major, and she came up from Roanoke to see DD on I-Day. After watching DD get sucked into Alumni Hall, my sister (in civvies) and I, toured the Yard and then took in DTA. About an hour before the swearing-in, we went over to the family church and my...
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    Nearsighted can't attend the USNA??

    My DD was nearsighted when she entered the Academy. I say was because the Navy paid for her to have PRK surgery earlier this fall. Plus, there are lots of pictures of plebes on I-Day with their lovely government issue glasses.:cool:
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    LOA and Bowl Game

    Congratulations! I hope you have your long johns and heavy socks and sweaters with you. It's going to be cold in Annapolis tomorrow! High of 27 degrees.
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    Army/Navy Football

    My DD is in the YP Squadron. They left tonight to sail to Philadelphia. They will sleep on the YPs and sail back Sunday.
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    DODMERB / college reapplicant

    My DD had her wisdom teeth removed after her turndown and before reapplying. On her DODMERB form, she wrote she had her wisdom teeth removed, and because they ask about new prescriptions, she listed the antibiotics and painkillers associated with the surgery. They did not ask any further questions.
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    Date of first admissions board & LOAs

    My DD received an LOA as a college freshman. She received it, I think in late January or early February. It was contingent on getting her updated DODMERB form submitted.
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    Round two officially begins

    Good luck to all the second timers! My DD made it in on her second try.
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    A Question for College Reapplicants about Plan B

    My DD was a successful reapplicant from UMBC. It's a smaller sibling of UMD-CP, but it is an Honors college. She went there because it has a very good Computer Science program, and it was affordable in-state. She had a good year, learned a lot, and would have been satisfied to graduate from...
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    AROTC better than no ROTC?

    My DD was a reapplicant (now c/o 2019). She did not do ROTC at her college. I know they did not offer NROTC, but I think they offered another ROTC. A successful reapplication can be made without ROTC.
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    USNA SWO Ship Selection 1.26.17 @ 6PM

    I looked on YouTube, and last year's ship selection video was available. It was posted Jan. 29, 2016, so I assume this year's video will be posted within the next week. I was there at Alumni Hall last night (and was just about deafened:)). I missed one of my sponsor mids, so I will be on the...