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    What's after DODMERB Qualification for AFROTC?

    Will the detachment contact you for what's next? or you need to reach out to them?
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    Last minute invites for AFROTC programs?

    Is this a sign that AF miscalculate its new HSSP policy?
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    AROTC 3rd board Scholarship award certificate

    My Son also got it. Wonder if Navt, Air Force do the same thing
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    Space Force EA while on HSSP

    Thank you!
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    Space Force EA while on HSSP

    My Son did not check Space Force when applying to AFROTC Scholarship. He got AFROTC HSSP scholarship last week. My question is can he still choose Space Force during PSP process?
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    NROTC Selection Results Just Posted 3/15/23 pm

    I thought a PNS or the equivalent at AFROTC would be very involved with cross-town schools since the scholarship money has to go from his detachment to each school.
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    NROTC Selection Results Just Posted 3/15/23 pm

    My son also got it. But We don't know if its 4-year or 3-year. It just say "National NROTC Scholarship Navy Option scholarship".
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    Do schools know?

    My Son was rejected by MIT yesterday at the same time when he got his AFROTC T1 Scholarship. It seems MIT does not factor ROTC in admission. BTW, My Son has very similar stats as yours, he also has 2 x AIME and 2 x USPHYO awards. He spent all his summers on boy scout back country camping (been...
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    AFROTC Selection Results Just Posted 3/14/23 pm

    My Son also got it. But he also got rejected by his No.1 school;)
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    Do schools know?

    Did you receive the congratulation letters from AO of UCLA and Cornell or from their ROTC units?
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    AF ROTC Boards Question

    3, one of them is specifically for Space Force
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    AFROTC Scholarships still available??

    The third board is coming up
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    4-Year NROTC Scholarship Acceptance Thread

    14.3% is 97 out of 675. So I think it will be keep this ratio in the following boards
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    4-Year NROTC Scholarship Acceptance Thread

    Thank u, Sir.
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    NROTC Status

    My son's status is also "No decision has benn made". He just finished his interview on Feb 9th. This is fast!
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    Air Force ROTC Commander Scholarship

    Has she been admitted and committed to the school before she was awarded CS?
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    AFROTC next board date

    Thank you.
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    Your thoughts please

    My DS has the same issue. Luckily he has scheduled a NROTC interview on Feb 9th, do you guys think if he can beat the next NROTC board date on Feb 20th?
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    Official Change re AFROTC Scholarships

    I read as Air Force completely eliminate Type II and III for HSSP while Type I remains the same. Seems to me Air Force is raising the bar for STEM for 4 years scholarship.
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    AFROTC next board date

    I am reading the AY23-24 Scholarship Applicant Guide on The Jan board is listed as 23SF01. Does this mean this board is only for Space Force? The next AFROTC board would be March 13 to 17?