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    Credits Transfer

    You may have some credits transfer over from what I've heard, but I believe they're typically pretty stingy with validating classes. I know from a lot of things posted on these forums that the Academy doesn't take very well to folks who let things slip at the very end of the year. I definitely...
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    AIM Waitlists

    You'll be in it for the long haul most likely, I'm afraid. I was pulled off the waitlist last year and didn't find out until mid-June. Session 1 was the only one I was able to make so it was very short notice, but we made it happen.
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    Anyone get administrative documents yet?

    They made a post in the Class of 2027 Students Facebook group that acceptance packages were mailed out on Friday and we should be receiving them in the next couple days.
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    AIM Selections?

    I'm sorry if I gave anyone the wrong idea. My doubts about even applying to the Academy were definitely misguided. I was trying to say that it wasn't the end of the road because I wasn't accepted at first but I'm still going to the Academy, although I guess I didn't make that quite clear enough...
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    AIM Selections?

    I don't mean to give anyone false hope or anything, but I was in the same boat last year. I got rejected from the AIM program and it ate me up. I started considering not even applying to USCGA once applications opened up even though it had been my dream since 8th grade. Two weeks before session...
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    Class of 2027 Waitlist

    Just going to leave a little tip here. I didn't realize I needed an appointment at the post office to get a passport when I was going to get mine renewed before swab summer, but when I got there they told me I could go to the county clerk's office and they would take walk-in passport...
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    Appointments Remaining?

    I received a phone call about 2 weeks after I was offered my appointment. I didn’t even receive an email that my Bear’s Den had been updated. I managed to stumble across my appointment letter by the sheer force of impatience. I got mine the day after Thanksgiving, however, so that may have...
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    Appointments Remaining?

    I believe the letters in Bear's Den are posted on Fridays only. At least thats how it was for EA
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    USCGA Waiver Authority?

    Similar situation for me. Medically disqualified for an elbow injury that happened 8 years ago. An AMI was never requested for me due to the nature of the injury and the lack of residual effects, but I was disqualified in December and got my waiver in February. I received a very confusingly...
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    DODmerb for regular admissions

    Should your DS receive a DoDMERB disqualification before an appointment, I believe USCGA may still begin a waiver investigation. It is entirely up to them whether or not they do, but I believe their only condition is if they believe your DS is highly competitive for an appointment, not if he has...
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    USCGA try to Select Candidates from all US States?

    When I tell people who have served that I’m going to the Coast Guard Academy a lot of them tell me they would have gone Coast Guard regardless of the service they were in.
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    USCGA Class of 2027 Appointment List

    1)T37IP/ DS / 23 Nov 22 / Declined / Direct 2) snshsfsg/Self/23 Nov 22/Undecided/Direct 3) mkincer14/Self/ 23 Nov 22/ ORDA/MD/Undecided/ DoDMERB Conditional/Direct 4) MajMartin/DD/23 Nov 22/Declined/Direct 5) swimmom816/ DS/22 Nov 22/MES/Ohio/ Accepted /Direct 6) HSSenior2023/Self/25 Nov 22/...
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    Medically Disqualified ? Experiences

    My portal said “under waiver review” during my waiver investigation. Not sure about other people’s experiences however.
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    Medically Disqualified ? Experiences

    DoDMERB is still recovering from their near total outage from September 2022-November 2022. I received a disqualification in December and it didn’t update in my portal till late January. Just give it some time and they’ll get it updated in the portal.
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    Travel to New London

    When I went up to the Academy for AIM over the summer they provided shuttles to and from two of the airports in the area for people flying in on their own. I simply reported my flight times and when my flight there landed I just had to wait for a couple other people. On my way out I had a late...
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    Look out for class of 2027 BFE ( big fat envelope) in mail

    All students being offered appointments are invited to join the 2027 USCGA Students Facebook group. I’ve received a conditional appointment until I can get a medical waiver and my letter asked me to join the group as well.
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    DoDMERB Disqualification

    USCGA doesn’t wait for DoDMERB to offer an appointment. I got a conditional appointment more than a month before DoDMERB had finished with my tests. Typically a conditional appointment will be offered pending DoDMERB results or for something like a lower than average PFE/ACT/SAT score (I believe...
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    DoDMERB Disqualification

    I have the same problem with my elbow! I was offered a conditional appointment in November then I learned that I was disqualified for history of dislocation subluxation or instability of the elbow from a partial dislocation in 4th grade that has no residual effects. Since I was already offered a...
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    Medically Disqualified ? Experiences

    The same thing happened to me! I partially dislocated my elbow at 10 years old so I was medically disqualified. I'm just waiting on the waiver authorities now. No residual effects now so I'm not too worried about actually receiving a waiver, I'm just impatient.
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    Community college courses?

    I’ve had trouble getting in touch with him in the past. Make sure you CC your AO in the email and let them know you’re trying to reach him independently. CWO Frenkel spends a lot of time out of the office so he often doesn’t get the chance to reply to emails. Having your AO in the loop can help...