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    Connection Between USNA appointment and NROTC scholarship?

    Are the NROTC boards aware of whether scholarship candidates have been offered an appointment to USNA? Do they have the knowledge or power to direct a candidate one way or the other? Does acceptance of an NROTC scholarship take you off the list for a USNA appointment (or vice versa)? Thanks...
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    USNA STEM Camp

    Ditto! Nothing in NC for my 10th grader
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    NROTC - Waiting??

    Also still waiting... Hoping its no later than Friday and not on Friday.
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    NROTC Final Boards

    Thanks for the replies! I will definitely have my son reach out to someone to ensure this doesn't slow the process any further.
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    Any NROTC result out?

    My son completed his application in the Fall and site still says "no decision has been made"
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    NROTC Final Boards

    Greetings everyone. I have a question re: ROTC scholarship award. My son is still awaiting results of final board. However, he has not been accepted to any of the schools list submitted in his application. He has been accepted to several other schools with ROTC units. Could this be holding up a...