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    @Blackout What were your GPA SAT/ACT scores if you don't mind me asking
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    SCUBA Certified - A Desirable Skill for a USCGA Candidate?

    I don't think it has as much of an impact as a varsity sport does... after all, every cadet has the option to get certified for free in their junior year at the academy
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    USCGA 2020 appointments

    Did you receive an email confirming the decision was available?
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    Still waiting...

    Me too, Friday can't come soon enough.
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    USCGA 2020 appointments

    Any notifications today?
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    USCGA 2020 appointments

    When did you finish your application?
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    Remedial Update

    Call Concorde... they will ask for your SSN. After you give that to them they will let-you know if they have received anything. They sometimes dont update their website. I would just give them a call to make sure everything is uploaded.