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    Hearing back

    Has anyone actually received a TWE from Air Force yet? I haven't heard anything yet.
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    I was recently accepted into Boston College and I was completely shocked at the acceptance. I was so sure that I was going to rejected (because of my low SAT scores) that I took BC off my first place position in terms of ROTC schools. Should I email NROTC and request that BC is top on my list...
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    What are your backup schools?

    My backup is Boston College. I got rejected from USCGA :(
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    Waiver information

    I have been medically disqualified and am currently awaiting a waiver decision from USAFA, USMA, and USNA. I have sent in information to DoDMERB as they were initially reviewing my file, and now that I am disqualified, do I need to send that same information to DoDMERB in order for it to be sent...
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    Disqualified for Psoriasis

    I was also disqualified for this at USMA, but haven't received any information on the status of my waiver yet. You said that your RC states that USMA will not be doing any waivers for psoriasis. Is this correct? do I now have no chance at receiving a waiver?
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    Video Camera policy for plebes?

    As an avid film creator, that is exactly what I hope to do if I were to gain acceptance into the Naval Academy! I would love to make spirit spots and am hoping that I will be able to make them!
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    "Complete but Medically Disqualified"

    This is the same situation as me! my portal states the same thing and I am wondering if it means a waiver has not been requested. I have had this for about 2 weeks.
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    Prep School or College?

    I was looking through the forum and stubbled upon threads discussing prep schools such as Northwestern Prep and I did some research on the school and it appears as if a lot of pre-Academy candidates attend these institutions. If I were to not get accepted into a service academy this year, does a...
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    NAPS Class of 2018 Thread!

    Would you mind listing your stats? @jhl2021
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    Presidential Nomination

    I was wondering if anyone knew if a 'wave' of appointments may be coming to candidates who have only received these as nominations? I have only received this as my nomination and was wanting to know of the typical timeframe of a candidate who only has this this. Thank you!
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    Hearing back?

    How has everyone heard back from the Coast Guard Academy after they were accepted? Was there an email sent, or was the portal just updated with no email? Thanks!
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    US citizen living abroad, my chances?

    This is pretty much the same situation with me. I have very similar stats and I have applied to all the academies with nothing but a presidential nomination (I also believe living overseas hurt my nomination chances). I would love to hear what anyone has to say about this!
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    7th Semester Grades

    If none of the service academies I applied to requested 7th semester grades, except West Point, do I need to submit them? Thanks!
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    How long till I hear back?

    I just received an email stating that my application is being sent to the board. How long does it take for the average candidates to usually hear back? Thanks!
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    NROTC Board Review Schedule

    I haven't seen anything on my portal, but has anyone else heard anything?
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    NROTC Board Review Schedule

    does anyone know what time the portal is usually updated? I believe I should have been reviewed this time by the board and I haven't heard anything today.
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    NROTC Board Review Schedule

    Does anyone know if the applicants information was suppose to be sent to DoDMERB? I finished my application in December and NROTC has still not appeared in my DoDMERB portal. Will my information only be sent if I receive a scholarship?
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    NROTC Board Review Schedule

    Is this for certain? Also how will applicants hear back? Will it be on the status page or through email? Thanks!
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    Can my application go before the board yet?

    I have submitted everything on the application except for the CFA scores which I have requested from Navy as I took them during NASS. Am I able to go before the board without this and potentially receive an LOA? I also do not have my DODMERB finished because I have been asked to complete a...
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    I have the same question except switched. I have a 4.4/4.0 gpa but a 1260 SAT score, will these offset one another?