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    R-Day and Beast for class of 2025

    Hi all! I’m wondering if anyone knows the dates of R-day and Beast for the class of 2025. I have a school trip sometime in June and I am really hoping that the two wouldn’t conflict as it would be my last chance to go on this trip, seeing as how it was cancelled this year due to COVID-19. My...
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    SLE and Coronavirus?

    Hi all! I applied to SLE week 2 and haven’t heard back yet but am wondering if anyone knows how SLE will be affected by Coronavirus. I know New York is a hotspot so I’m assuming if things don’t get better quickly SLE will probably get cancelled or postponed. Anyone know anything different?
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    USMA Admissions Officer - AMA!

    How does admissions view recruited athletes?
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    Parachute team

    Hi all! Recently found out about the Golden Knights at USMA and I’m extremely interested. Was wondering if anyone has any experience with the parachute team, more specifically the time commitment. As someone who wants to play a D1 sport at West Point, would the two be able to coexist? AKA is...
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    SLE 2020 Acceptance?

    Yep. Still pending.
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    SLE Status Change

    Hey! I also applied as soon as I could but my status has not changed from pending either. In my application I had: 4.3 GPA (weighted, 4.0 UW) 1220 SAT (taken as a sophomore), 1310 PSAT Lettering in volleyball and academics National Technical Honor Society Member President of my HOSA Chapter...
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    SLE 2020 Acceptance?

    Anyone else heard on acceptance? Mine is still marked as pending.
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    SLE 2020 Acceptance?

    I am too!
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    SLE 2020 Acceptance?

    Okay I know I’m probably just being paranoid but my application says it’s still pending. Does that mean that no one has even looked at it yet?
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    Dems v Republicans at the Academies?

    If someone were to express their political opinion which might be contrary to most opinions at a SA would there be any repercussions?
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    SLE 2020 Acceptance?

    I just logged in to the SLE portal and it says that my application is still pending. I finished the whole application though, anyone else have the pending status?
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    Sports recruiting for WP

    My club actually encourages us to not use recruiting coordinators because most of them (where I’m at at least) simply take your money and don’t actually help. We are however a well-recognized national club (Stanford, UCLA, Nebraska, etc. graduates in the past two years) and I will be playing in...
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    Sports recruiting for WP

    I have. Did it roughly two months ago and haven’t heard anything.
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    Sports recruiting for WP

    I’m looking to play volleyball at WP and am definitely at the level where I could, playing in the Open divisions at national qualifiers and with my team being consistently ranked within the top ten teams in the state (of all ages). I’ve sent two emails to the volleyball coaches and haven’t heard...
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    SLE 2020 Acceptance?

    Hi all, I applied to SLE as soon as I could with all the technical difficulties (yay) and I’ve heard that some people have been accepted already. If you’ve been accepted this year, what did your application look like? On my CQ I’ve got a PSAT 1310, SAT 1220 (taken sophomore year so not the...