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    SMC Food

    All excellent points. I assumed, because VMI competes in the D 1 classification, that food, dieticians, etc...were all just part of the program. Sounds like I am wrong. Because it's VMI, because it's a SMC, etc...I attributed the "bad food " take from others, including my son, as just part of...
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    SMC Food

    My son is a Rat at VMI. He complains about the food. He's an athlete. We send him extra. He seems to be able to order Uber eats or whatever, occasionally. Of course when we ate there during parent's weekend, the food was good. I was enlisted for 25 years. Good and bad DFACs, it's all part of the...
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    For those thinking of leaving VMI

    Wow. Just wow. Thanks for sharing this. My rat will be home in 10 days. Not sure if I share this with him or not. Up to this point, it seems he has taken the bull ( VMI ) by the horns and thrived. Without interrogating him too much, I will try to gain some insight as to where he is at. I will...
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    AROTC Decision: Texas A&M vs VMI

    I have a Rat at VMI on a Navy scholarship. He loves it there. It's everything he expected and more. They have a unique mentoring program where every rat is assigned a senior mentor ( dyke) As parents, we cut the cord and have let our son handle 99.99% of everything he does in college. We are...
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    What should I do if recruiter isn't responding

    I feel your frustration with dealing with the recruiter. My son was awarded a 4 yr Navy Scholarship last year and is currently at a SMC. My son had to constantly send emails and text messages in hopes that the recruiter would respond in a timely manner. We live in a small town in Texas and his...
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    VMI Business Insider Video

    I got to see my Rat at the 5:30 mark. The video was OK. Curious to hear what VMI alumni think of it. My son is enjoying every minute of it, as evident in his smirk in the video. I would like to think it's still a fine school even with all the changes the school has been forced to undergo this...
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    Norwich University

    My son's first acceptance letter was from Norwich. It was a very good day. Something about that first larger envelope that comes in the mail. We could not attend in person open houses at Norwich or the Citadel. ( 2020 ) We were able to attend an open house weekend at VMI ( Oct 2020 ) Although...
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    VMI Rat AMA

    I Have heard our rat complain about the food since he arrived on campus this year. I could not wait to eat at Crozet Hall during parent's weekend. I thought it was OK. Of course, all the rats said they made it better for parent's weekend. We send him enough protein on the side to hopefully make...
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    The Citadel wins the Military Classic of the South

    My rat is in there somewhere. He said they had an amazing trip. They got to visit with some of the Citadel cadets. What a great experience for him. I loved the sign being held up by the Citadel cadet that said, " VMI has rats" during the football game.
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    VMI Rat AMA

    My son is currently a rat. He's enjoyed every moment of it. Now that academics are full speed ahead, we don't hear from him much. We just pray that he's now doing his part and studying as much as he needs to. Can't wait to see that kid in October for Parent's weekend. I echo the previous poster...
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    NROTC Scholarship Activation

    My son had to take his PRT, day one , before the scholarship kicked in and he took his oath. He started at VMI a few weeks ago. Good luck to you.
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    Is going to a SMC worth it?

    My son is a rat at VMI currently. We visited the VMI campus last October. He knew, immediately, that he had found his place there. He had also applied, and was accepted to The Citadel and Norwich. Neither of these campuses were really hosting tours at that time, so all of our research was...
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    NROTC (check) Award Ceremony

    Our recruiter was out of the Houston area. We are over 4 hours away. The day after he graduated , our local Navy recruiter reached out and said they just received word that our son had received the Navy ROTC scholarship. We were bummed that he was not able to receive the “ large check “ at the...
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    NSI with SMCs

    My son will be at VMI this fall on a NROTC scholarship. He was told the same thing. He was looking forward to possibly attending NSI, but was advised none of the SMC's would be sending them. I am sure he will get all of the training he needs and then some this fall.
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    Athletes at VMI

    Great information and perspective. He’s never been a big runner. He’s giving up some Of his swim workouts now to get some running time in and to build some endurance. He has communicated with a few current and incoming swimmers. I know he’s super excited about the opportunity.
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    Athletes at VMI

    Great information. Thank you. He’s gonna attend STP this summer. Hopefully he will get to meet some of his future fellow rats. Good luck with your school.
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    Athletes at VMI

    Swimming. Everything I read on this forum says he needs to be going for the right reasons. He absolutely wants this Spartan lifestyle. He wants to be challenged. I wouldn’t be sending him there if I did not think he was all in. He’s going to attend STP this summer to get a class behind him and...
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    Athletes at VMI

    Would anyone be willing to share what it’s like being an athlete at VMI? My son will attend this fall on a Navy scholarship. Recently, he was also offered a spot on the team for which he competes. He is excited about the opportunity. As a father , I wonder if this will be an added hardship or...
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    Nrotc summer week?

    If attending a SMC ( like VMI ), my son was told that they will not be sending him to NSI. This was true for last year as well-I believe. Good luck to your son!
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    VMI Ratline Questions

    My son will be in the same class as you. He is also attending on a NROTC scholarship. We attended one of the few open houses they had in October. After the open house, he said, " dad, this is the place I want to be." He loved the town of Lexington. Like you, he will have to take an engineering...