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    West Point Crew/Rowing

    My son is in the class of 2018 and is from Arizona. He had never been in a boat on a river before. You learn about the club sports during Beast and then you have tryouts the first month of classes. There is a novice team and a varsity team. The varsity team is usually smaller than the novice...
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    CIVIC29 is right on. If you throw it like a baseball (no arc), it will not go very far. Put a little air under it (like a football) and it will go further.
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    Family legacy

    Last year, we were told multiple times that family history at West Point does not help your application. We were also told that a visit to West Point does not help your application as well. However....neither of those facts would hurt your application. You will notice that the only place the...
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    Calculus or Boy's State?

    Pre-Calculus / Calculus I recommend you apply to Boys State and go if given the chance. I think it is an important differentiator. If you get into Boys State, I would look for an online Pre-Calculus class through a local junior college or other outlet (center for talented youth, etc.). The...
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    Any Letters Back from the Class of 2018 ?

    First call was positive, second call was not as positive. Biggest problem is hunger and exhaustion. His company shows up late to eat (cadre yelling at them) and then the cadre enforces a 3 - 5 chews per swallow. We are praying that when the cadres change on the 20th, that his eating schedule...
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    Some questions from a parent

    My son did well on the CFA but his worst category was the basketball throw. You do need to practice the BB throw but our best advice is to try to throw it like it is a football instead of a baseball. My son couldn't get any distance until he put a little air underneath it. Seems...