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    I was surprised as well.
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    This is great to hear, but possibly conflicts with another recent thread that describes how some PQ '21 cadets who wanted pilot slots didn't receive them. Someone wrote that only approx. 400 pilot slots dropped (excluding 50 or so RPA slots). If so, why would senior leadership want an...
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    Jobs dropping at USAFA today !!

    I also seem to recall various leadership in public forums promoting the same basic message. Of course, they always dropped the official "air force needs come first" (and I get that), but that didn't get in the way of a clear message that if you got through USAFA and were PQ'd, you would get a...
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    Jobs dropping at USAFA today !!

    Any sense about how many in '21 who are PQ and wanted a pilot slot but didn't get one? (And let's ignore RPA slots for the moment.) 400 is low for USAFA.
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    SAT/ACT Cancellations

    Just curious--among those with LOAs or actual appointments in-hand, how many did *not* have an SAT (or ACT) score to submit?
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    2020 Branch Night

    Aside from the delay, any info/data?
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    Current Cadet- Ask Away

    And Saper (while a cadet during summer).
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    Pilot slot competitiveness

    Any info on the approx. number at USAFA who want a pilot slot but cannot get medically qualified for UPT?
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    FA popularity

    Anyone know why FA is an unusually popular branch selection for athletes (football in particular)? For those that branch FA are many exposed to getting detailed elsewhere?
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    Squadron Life After Grad for Pilots

    When it comes to queep, which branch/platforms have more for the pilots/aircrews?
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    Volun-told to RPAs?

    Anyone have any info (or an informed guess) as to what percentage of cadets seeking (manned-) UPT pilot slots were nonetheless assigned to RPA slots? And is this trend increasing over time for USAFA (and pilot-qualified) grads? All of the RPA slot data that I can find fold in those who...
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    USMA lengthens service obligation to 6 yrs??

    For me it's that USMA is treating members of the Class of 2024 differently when it comes to ADSOs. And this different treatment doesn't look like it results from any cadet decision/selection (e.g., BRADSO, branching decisions) or, frankly, without the cadets even knowing about it during the...
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    Class of 2020 AFSC

    Any data how many cadets who desired pilot slots were instead given something else instead (aside from those who were not mediclaly qualified but including RPAs and CSOs) for class of 2020?
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    Branch Night Class of 2020

    Any info on when EN went out and how many got detailed and where to?
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    I am a Firstie (Class of 2020) -- Ask Me Anything

    Where does EN typically close out?
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    Post Night

    For cadets who branch engineering, as selections of their initial post drives the units they will be attached to do post selections also determine whether they get assigned to lead vertical, horizontal, combat engineering, route clearance, etc. platoons? Or, at this point, given budget issues...
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    AFOQT Questions

    Aside from, perhaps, an extremely low score, do AFOQT scores for cadets have any real consequence for pilot slot assignments?
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    Branch Night at West Point

    Any data on branch selections? When various branches closed? Number of detail assignments? Etc.
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    AFSC Drops

    Any data on drops for 2019ers? Are some of those requesting (and medically qual'd) for pilot slots still getting assigned to RPAs?
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    The USAFA Question

    Seems like we're feeding a troll.