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    Underwear for CBT

    Any recommendations for underwear during Basic Training? Are compression shorts beneficial?
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    Is the "Computer Preference (Optional Package)" worth the $400?

    You have to click the blue "Computer Preference" Link
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    Multitool/knife for beast

    Would a saw or scissors be more beneficial during Beast? The multitool itself would have a knife already.
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    Multitool/knife for beast

    So it seems like the Wingman and the Wave are the most popular. Are the extra tools like the saw and the straight edged blade on the wave useful or necessary for Beast or are the blade and scissors sufficient on the Wingman?
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    Multitool/knife for beast

    I am currently deciding between: Leatherman Wingman Leatherman Wave+ Gerber Truss...
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    Current Plebe; Ask Away

    What was your experience with shaving during Beast Barracks? Do you recommend dry shaving or bringing shaving cream? Also what type of razors were most popular while training in the field?
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    DLATS Oxfords vs Bates Durashocks Low-Quarters

    The insole is very cushiony in the DLATS... I bought those. Not sure if this is true but I heard Bates Durashocks are just the DLATS low quarters with the Bates logo on the insole.
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    Best Boots for Beast

    I hear the Belleville C390s are comparable to the Garmonts. They are a little heavier but more supportive in the ankle. Can anyone back up that info?
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    Best Boots for Beast

    Thanks for the quick responses! I just read that the Belleville C390's were pretty good as well. Is this true? All information is helpful!
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    Best Boots for Beast

    Hi, I am currently deciding between the Garmont t8 Bifida and the Khyber II tr550 for Beast Barracks. What are the pros and cons of both boots regarding durability, fit, water resistance, drying, weight and quality? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks