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    VMI Class of 2024+3

    He plays trumpet. How about yours?
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    VMI Class of 2024+3

    My DS is part of this class! He's doing the STP and is AROTC (International Studies). He's also going to be a member in Col. Brodie's marching band. We're looking forward to seeing you all in August!
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    Proud to Announce...VMI!

    I haven't gotten anything regarding Financials. My DS just had his ROTC interview with VMI ROTC 2 weeks ago and - according to him - he won't hear anything from them until January at the earliest. We just received the medical packet to complete today.
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    Proud to Announce...VMI!

    YES! Love the presentation they make! Congrats to you and your family!
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    Proud to Announce...VMI!

    Thank you - he's on high right now! We are also so proud and looking forward to meeting other families in the fall!
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    Proud to Announce...VMI!

    So proud to announce my DS has been accepted to VMI! It was his #1 choice. Thanks to everyone who has contributed info on SMCs on this forum!
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    Early decision VMI

    My son just applied for VMI early admission. To quote Tom Petty "the waiting is the hardest part". It's his number one choice so hoping he gets in. He's got pretty solid grades, pretty good SAT scores, and is active in CAP and other activities in school and out. Again, fingers crossed!
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    Visiting VMI

    DS and I toured it in July. We both loved it and he had a good interview there. You MUST tour the museum and take in the tour when you can. Had some great conversation with the cadets that gave us the tour. I'm actually hoping my son goes here! :cool:
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    New to SAF!

    Hello all! I'm the father of a son (who will be a senior in the fall) who always wanted to serve his country for as long as I can remember. He's taking his second round of SATs tomorrow (he wasn't happy with his first score) and though he's focused on a few of the academies (particularly, West...