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    Can’t Purchase Class Ring?

    I'd love to hear more from actual self-funded C1C's on how much they ended up saving over the four years. Flights home or elsewhere multiple times during the most expensive holiday flying times of year is no joke. I was mostly commenting on how it isn't realistically possible to save $8K/year...
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    Can’t Purchase Class Ring?

    LOL. The net pay is literally ~$8K the first two years. So I guess if they literally did nothing outside of the campus and never traveled home, I guess they could save $8K. Now the last two years, assuming you get a car....average cost of true ownership of a car is ~$900 a month, you could...
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    iPad size

    The iPad Pro 11” is only 5 grams heavier than the iPad Air.
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    What things can I do to prepare for application and increase my chance of appointment?

    A caution on the NHS participation. NHS quality varies wildly by high school. Some chapters literally do nothing and probably anyone with good grades is by default a member and I'm sure the application reviewers know it. So, don't hang your whole leadership rung on NHS leadership unless your...
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    529 funds

    I think definitely the best financial play with the new law is yearly starting in 2024, start converting the 529 at the maximum yearly limit $6500? until you have reached the maximum 529 to Roth lifetime rollover limit of $35,000. Then for anything over that, hold in the 529 until you are sure...
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    Should I talk to a recruiter?

    My DS (upcoming class of 2027) started getting ready for his USAFA application as early as you are. I think one of the keys to his success was to talk with and become friends with the Service Academy Appointed upperclass students in his high school and develop relationships with the teachers...
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    A different view of the Academy

    Thank you so much for this post. As a parent and an Aerospace Engineer from Virginia Tech, I think people just don't understand how difficult getting these technical degrees are and that the ability to study is very limited in the face of all of these mandatory obligations. My DS is in the...
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    AP World History

    Things may have changed. There are various AP history validation options indicated here: I say take as hard of an academic load as you can handle, but dont sacrifice your ability to do well in STEM classes, unless a history major is your dream. One...
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    SAT Score

    That is an excellent score on the reading and writing portion. The good news, is I believe it is easier from practice to bring up the math score. I think literally ANYONE should be able to get a 700+ on their math SAT if they dedicate and practice the questions and concepts. My DS took my...
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    Current appointments

    It really seems like a waste for everyone involved to not do the DODMERB up front before the whole application train gets going. I mean, my DS got through the whole entire process, offered an appointment, and was DODMERB disqualified. Now he got a waiver and has since been qualified and...
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    Any LOAs Yet?

    Just the DoDMERB is left for him. He has nomination and checkmarks on everything else. Why would they say "A spot in the USAFA Class of 2027 will be reserved for you" for a letter of interest?
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    Any LOAs Yet?

    My DS got a letter that includes "A spot in the USAFA Class of 2027 will be reserved for you provided you meet all admission requirements to include a qualified medical status." Also..."Once your file is complete and you have satisfactorily met all of the Admission requirements, I plan to...
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    DodMERB timeline?

    The medical evaluation timeline and deadline isn't clear to us. I get that three of these must happen before their name is forwarded to the DoDMERB to schedule your examination. Candidate Fitness Assessment (USAFA Form 158) Candidate Personal Data Record (USAFA Form 146) Candidate Activities...