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  1. missourimama

    Random CIET Questions

    I was stunned at how few parents there were. While your kid may say that they don't care, they do. Kids looked disappointed at the ones who had parents show up for them. I felt bad for all of the cadets that didn't have parents. We wouldn't have missed it. We already had a trip planned to...
  2. missourimama

    Summer Training 2016

    My son is in 3rd regiment. I have been able to text with him a lot more than I thought I would be able to. I have had the least amount of contact while in the field, but still have gotten to get a short occasional text.
  3. missourimama

    CIET Flight to Louisville cancelled-should be a good story

    My son didn't find out his flight information until the week before departure. Search the threads here or online for packing list...easy to find.