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    Appointee Kits are now active

    Is anyone else having trouble registering for MiCare? When I go to add a provider, "MiCare In Processing Provider, Cadet" doesn't turn up with any search results. I did find USAFA Case Management though.
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    Appointee Kits are now active

    @tex2021 Got a quick response! I was told that they tend to run almost 1 size larger and it was recommended that I order an XS. Thank you!
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    Appointee Kits are now active

    @Insider If we run into technical problems on the appointee kit (Parents' Club Info/Release Form link is down) should we let someone know or just wait it out?
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    Appointee Kits are now active

    I'm sending an email asking about shirt sizes to the contact Insider referred me to. I'll let you know what I hear!
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    Appointee Kits are now active

    Thank you! Would you happen to know if the BCT issue shirts are the same as last year? I was looking at at a thread from last year ( that said they run a bit big. I typically wear a XS/S, so I'm thinking I ought to...
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    USAFA vs. USNA

    Could you expand on size/aviation? What are people of smaller sizes able to fly?
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    Appointees Tour

    Hopefully this will also be helpful! Though I'm pretty sure clicking on it just leads to more information. The registration process takes a bit more than just clicking yes or no. "Appointee tours are only for individuals who have been offered an appointment to attend the Air Force Academy and...
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    High School Classes

    These courses are suggested on the website, though they may not all be required. For instance, my school doesn't even offer CS. Four years of English including college preparatory courses in composition and speech Four years of math including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and...
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    Been there and felt that! But really, don't be discouraged and try not to worry about it too much. I was in the same boat last year -- denied from USAFA Summer Seminar. I was pretty devastated but I scoured the Internet for explanations. Ended up finding this forum and saw posts about others...
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    How Admissions looks at ACT Scores

    @dol-amroth "Students who score below 580 verbal and 560 math on the SAT Reasoning and below 24 English/reading and 25 math/science reasoning on the ACT normally will not be competitive for an appointment."
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    CFA help!

    Not sure if this'll help you, but my squad leader at USNASS gave us some advice that personally works pretty well for me. For the push ups, pump out as many as possible before you start to realize your arms are tired. Then, start pumping them out by tens, fives, or whatever increments you can...
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    7th semester transcripts

    @Cerberi Would you happen to know when final transcripts (all 8 semesters) must be submitted?
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    USAFA Class of 2021 Appointments

    Of course, I'd be happy to. I submitted my application on November 1st. Academically I'm pretty mediocre I suppose. My ACT was a 32 Composite (35E, 29M, 34R, 28S, 30W), and I definitely have a ton of regrets regarding my GPA. Weighted 4.1/unweighted 3.7 with a few Cs in more challenging classes...
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    USAFA Class of 2021 Appointments

    Hikes&Bikes/Self/No LOA/Appt. January 17th, 2017/NE-01/Congressional and Senatorial Nominations
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    Nebraska Nominations

    Just got my USAFA nomination letter from Congressman Fortenberry via snail mail! Kind of getting nervous now though because maybe it was a bad idea to rank USAFA as my #1 for all three...
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    Nominations in Nebraska

    Thanks! Congrats to you too!
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    Nominations in Nebraska

    Hey there, I'm also from Nebraska and received word back from Senator Fischer! I actually posted a Nebraska thread in the Nominations forum yesterday ( Have you heard back from Senator Sasse or your Congressman...
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    Personal Statement Word Limits

    @DrMom Thank you for the additional tips! Hope to see him in Class of '21! @LineInTheSand I agree with you: to follow the limit I was given is absolutely the only acceptable action, and I did initially lose sight of this. Mentioned this seemed like a no-brainer earlier, and I see fault in my...
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    Personal Statement Word Limits

    For sure, I understand the necessity of sticking to the word limit -- there's no need to reiterate this. I would not have brought up this issue had it not been about the adversity situation. What I was looking more for was the solution @DrMom offered, but thank you all for your advice. I really...
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    Cross Commission USCGA to USMC

    I've been wondering about this for a while -- for what reason exactly do cross commissions happen? I've sometimes heard that if one's fiance/spouse is in a different branch, they might cross commission. But otherwise, is it just a career choice perhaps? Is it difficult to get approval to cross...