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  1. 3boysmother

    What to put in a care package?

    Thanks for all the suggestions! This sure does help when trying to make a care package special. I am giggling about the jelly bellies, that's a favorite of my Air Force Cadet. I have them shipped direct from Costco.
  2. 3boysmother

    What to put in a care package?

    I am a USAFA mom and want to send a care package to a USNA plebe. Keeping in mind he doesn't have transportation, any suggestions on what restaurant gift card to include? Subway is the only option at Air Force.
  3. 3boysmother

    Question about traveling home

    You will receive a paycheck as a cadet and your pay is slightly higher the months you would be travelling home. My cadet spends a lot of his salary eating out. Stick to meals at Mitch's and you'll be able to afford to fly home!