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    Which service academy is it easiest to cross commission to another branch?

    Does anyone know if any service academy is consistently easier to cross commission to another branch? From what I understand, cross commissioning works 1 for 1, so there has to be someone at the other SA that wants to commission in the branch of your SA for it to work. Is there an SA where...
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    3-q notification

    Does usna notify you if you're triple qualified?
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    Does anyone know if there be a large amount of appointments near April 15th or if appointments will trickle out slowly until then and then a bunch of TWEs go out?
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    I'm from MD and CPR also
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    Yes I saw that but after the end of last year I don't see anyone who was accepted with just a presidential nomination. The same applies for previous years appointment lists. Does USNA stop accepting people who only have a presidential nomination at some point in the cycle?
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    Anyone know of someone who got in with just a presidential nom at this point in the process? I got into USMA and USAFA with it but it was much earlier in the cycle.
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    Is there a date where USNA gives decisions by?

    Does anyone if there's some date where USNA will have changed "complete-pending review" to appointed or rejected? Is it possible my application could remain in this status after May 1st?
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    Do I have a realistic chance of getting an appointment?

    Greetings, Here's my situation: I have been very fortunate in that I have been offered appointments to USMA and USAFA through a presidential nomination. I also applied for USNA, and my application is "complete-pending review", but I did not get my congressman or senators nomination, so I only...
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    Martinson Honors Program

    Let me clarify the question: I am a high school senior applying to multiple SAs. I have received appointments to two of them. In making my decision between SAs, I would appreciate any insight on how to weigh this honors program compared to another SA.
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    Martinson Honors Program

    I received a letter in the mail offering me "early admission to the Martinson Honors Program". Does anyone have any information about this? What are the pros and cons of? How is it compared to the regular USAFA curriculum or other SAs?
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    USAFA Class of 2027 appointment list

    2)saapplicant232/self/Nov 10, 2022/No LOA/undecided/Presidential/direct appoint
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    USMA Class of 2027 Appointment List - Self-Updating

    1) saaplicant232/Self/October 7 2022/Undecided/Presidential/Direct Appoint
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    LOA + Presidential Nom + Fully Qualified

    I recently got an LOA, presidential nomination, and was notified that I was found fully qualified. The condition on my LOA was "medical qualification, physical qualification, CFA videos if applicable and continued excellent work in school.". Given that the conditions on the LOA have been met...
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    BGO interview upload

    I had my BGO interview about a month ago, but my BGO hasn't been updated with it completed. I asked him a couple weeks ago and was told he would get it done soon. I understand he is a volunteer and is busy, but I am wondering how long it usually takes after the interview for the portal to...
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    DODMETS status incomplete-closed

    Thank you. Email sent.
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    DODMETS status incomplete-closed

    When I checked the DODMETS website today, it says: Your DODMETS case is Incomplete-Closed as of 9/20/2022. I had both my medical and optometry exams several weeks ago. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?