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  1. CallSignGaspar

    Will my grades hurt my application?

    Don't think about those grades right now. Your grades look good from what I see. Just keep it up, do better if you can. Focus on your weaknesses and strengthen your strengths!
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    Transferring to the Naval Academy

    This is true, however, it is very competitive to get in. About 40-50+ mids take their week-long screener, and they only offer 2-3 spots in the team.
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    What to improve on and how?

    To be honest with you, you have the elements of receiving an appointment from the academy. However, work on the things that you love that will truly benefit you throughout your stay in the academy. Show the admissions team how you can utilize the institution in a way that will achieve your goals...
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    Appointment acceptance after LOA

  5. CallSignGaspar

    BFE after portal showing appointment

    I received my BFE a month after receiving my status update on the web
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    Between the BFE and the PTR

    UPDATE: PTR arrived!
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    Thank you!! You will do just fine. Just don't give up chasing your dreams. WE all believe in you!
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    I attended last year's AIM 2018. It will be a very fun experience. Before AIM, I ran a lot, did lots of pushups and ab workouts. I also ran during the day (around 1PM or 2 PM) to prep me for the high temperatures. You can't really train mentally. You just have to experience that during the...
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    Annapolis Hotel Options

    I will be at Annapolis around 22 or 21 of June for Plebe Summer. I am looking for any cheap hotels that are near Naval Academy. My parents are coming with me, so we're probably looking at 2 beds in one room or two rooms with single beds. I am on a budget, so anything will be fine. Side Note...
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    Admission Chance?

    I also went through the process that you are about to face. I don't have the authority or anything to back my information up, so take my advices with a grain of salt. Always be on time with your app. Do not wait until a certain day to submit anything either CFA, Recommendations, SAT scores...
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    Between the BFE and the PTR

    Received my Appointment Portal on March 13. BFE on April 14. Still no PTR. Do I need to send the PTR back to USNA when completed or do I just bring it on I-Day?
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    Is class 2023 portal changed?

    UPDATE: Appointees and Class of 2023, check your email for your new login info to access your portal. My portal is back up and running!
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    Is class 2023 portal changed?

    I can't access my portal either. Any updates?
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    USNA Class of 2023 Do-It-Yourself Appointment Thread

    USNA Class of 2023 Appointments: 1) Jett22 / Self / LOA / 19-Oct-18 / Accepted / FL / Presidential / Direct Appointment 2) JollyRoger / DS / No LOA / 26-Oct-18 / Undecided / IL / Presidential / Direct Appointment 3) pnnwildcat / Self / No LOA / 26-Oct-18 / Undecided / WA / NJROTC / Direct...
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    USMA TWE Question

    I also received my TWE from West Point today.
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    Building an Application

    Academics Do your best on all your subjects. Always take the hardest classes in your school whether if it's just Honors or AP class (even better). Educational Tip: Focus on Chemistry, Physics and Calculus. They are very good subjects to focus on for STEM schools like SAs. Physical Fitness Join...
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    If I don't know, should I assume?

    I apologize for my misuse of words everyone. I'm just a high school student, I know. I'm so sorry again. I'll take this as a learning experience. I just hope ya'll stop attacking me and get on our ways. I'm sorry again.
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    If I don't know, should I assume?

    I just don't think it's fine by 'only' being positive on the forums. The forums is for helping and falsifying someone's application and not being truthful to them can later hurt them in the process. I'm not trying to bring down anyone on this forum. I'm just saying that he's not that 'guy' you...
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    If I don't know, should I assume?

    When they say 'extremely' competitive applicants, I think about having an almost perfect standardized test score (1550+ SAT, 35+ ACT), perfect CFA score, stellar leaderships (NHS President, Student Body President, Class President, Eagle Scout etc.), plays multiple varsity sports and lettered...