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  1. Altaica103

    CVW - attire

    I just wore a nice pair of slacks and a button up shirt with a nice coat (it's fairly cold here) and pumps with nice professional jewelry. not too girly but still femanine. Business casual is probably a good "goal" for attire and overdressed is definately better. At my last two interviews I...
  2. Altaica103

    Eye Exam

    I had my eye exam today, no eye troubles (just some traffic and locating issues) they did actually say they were gonna dialate my eyes but I said I had been told they wouldn't and they informed me I didn't have to have it done. thanks so much for help, very glad I didn't have to drive home like...
  3. Altaica103

    Eye Exam

    I have scheduled my eye exam for next Tuesday and I am intrested in what will be done. I know there is a color vision test and the normal chart reading but what else? I'm intrested primarily in if I should make arrangement for my mom to take me (IE if they'll dialate my eyes and I won't be...
  4. Altaica103

    dodmerb ROTC question

    I am not possitive but each ROTC has it's own standards which may or may not be that of the academy they are attached to if I am not mistaken. (For example the Naval Academy and NROTC do not allow color-bindness but the Marine Corps option does)
  5. Altaica103

    2013 scholarships

    Thank you and good luck to your son as well. I am applying to USNA as well as the Citadel and 5 others actually because of the NROTC scholarship requirements. I have not decided if the Citadel will be my first choice for the scholarship or not so we'll see how that goes... All I can say about...
  6. Altaica103

    Personal Letter Help

    In regard to the essays the "process" that I apply to mine is to list all the reasons that it matters to me so I have a resume type of set up (which I'm using for all my essays, NROTC, USNA, and the nominations). Then write a rough draft and for me the best way to edit it is to read it once or...
  7. Altaica103


    Some people say to wear them wet and let them dry but I've never tried that at if they are the new rough-side-out they probably say not to do that. I would say just to wear them as often and as long (like to work for 4-5 hours) as you can without any pain. You may also try doing a short run...
  8. Altaica103

    2013 scholarships

    I am also applying for c/o '13 at the Citadel but I don't know much about full rides as I'm applying for MC option NROTC scholarship. One of the great financial advantages of the Citadel to me is that they offer additional scholarships to ROTC scholarship winners so that eleminates any issues...
  9. Altaica103

    SpecWar numbers?

    The logic is fair and would seem resonable but that doesn't always mean anything. I have a different question, I've seen numbers (not on the USNA page so accuracy??) of 1-2 women selecting special operations for service. What is the job(s) that they are selecting/applying for?
  10. Altaica103

    A career in the Navy question?

    I do not believe you can be promoted to E-3 in the Marine Corps for ANY reason right after basic. I have not EVER heard or read of any way to do that. Most things that are E-3 for other branches (eagle scouts, JROTC) are only E-2 because remember the MC does not promote for "graduating" basic...
  11. Altaica103

    >5 year service commitment

    I can not speak for BUD/S but I know with aviation the time starts after you graduate flight school. I know for the MC (no idea if it apply to the Navy as well) but the commitment is different based on the type of aircraft though I don't remember the numbers. It was rather logial though...
  12. Altaica103


    I know it has been touched on here and there in a number of forums but I wanted to bring together one forum on the topic of hazing. There are a lot of military colleges/service academies and especially with some of the smaller ones it's hard to find out information in regard to hazing. So my...
  13. Altaica103

    PLC and tuition money

    I don't know a LOT about PLC and for some reason the MC tells you that they have it and then all details are hard to come by... I do not know when you can begin applying but that you have summer obligations determined by when you join just like NROTC. There is an option for scholarship money...
  14. Altaica103

    book allowance for ROTC scholarship

    As another heads up: I know of one army scholarship that didn't have his stipend kick in until nearly Thanksgiving so it's a good idea to be prepared to have the stipend and book money come in late. Most colleges will allow you to defer because of when it kicks in, I know some (or at least...
  15. Altaica103

    A career in the Navy question?

    Well, I'm a JROTC cadet (as my signature says) and I'll tell you what I know... Yes being an eagle scout is a promotion to E-3 which will get you less than 1600 a month. And while yes that's a lot more than you're probably making now and with few bills (cell phone or better cable if you choose...
  16. Altaica103

    Citadel 2012!!!

    I have had several opertunaties to speak with a number of the AROTC Commanders at the Citadel and I suspect that not a lot of people here are going to have a lot of insight into your situation. With that said, my suggestion is the simply call (or e-mail) the detatchment commander (or whoever at...
  17. Altaica103

    ACT and SATS?

    I don't know that USNA requires the writing for the ACT but I would definately recommend it. About half that I'm applying to do and half don't. It isn't a whole lot more (I think about $15) and if you need it to apply somewhere and don't take it you won't have time to retake it. Definatly a...
  18. Altaica103

    Nrotc & Usna

    I am applying for both a NROTC scholarship and USNA and I expect to finish them at about the same time. I know NROTC knows (or will know) that I am applying to USNA but I do not believe (could be wrong) that USNA asks if I am applying to NROTC. With that said, I assume both will contact...
  19. Altaica103

    NROTC Scholarship "limbo"

    as I am applying for an NROTC scholarship and had totally not considered what would happen if I did not get a slot of those schools... is there any way to avoid/head off this problem? How can we know/find out what units fill up and which don't? Are the schools (units) selected on merit...
  20. Altaica103

    NROTC- Marine Corps Option

    I am in the process of applying for the NROTC/MC Option myself and you will see at the bottom of a page (and I think it's in another color) that you MUST select 5 colleges or your application will not be reviewed. With that said you do not HAVE to apply to those colleges, however if your...