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  1. turtle7584

    2 Week Fleet Standard ROM

    I know there is a lot of cynicism amongst us plebes but I believe we all aware that this is temporary. At least for me, Herndon, summer trainings, and new leadership has given me a lot to look forward to and that's what's keeping me going through the daily life. I personally don't know anyone...
  2. turtle7584

    2 Week Fleet Standard ROM

    From the Call, the supe said we should be getting them before graduation at the latest as we need them for summer trainings
  3. turtle7584

    2 Week Fleet Standard ROM

    Not sure the exact symptomatic number but 20% of the brigade is either positive or contact traced. Cases have doubled within the past 48 hours. But there is a higher percentage of symptomatic mids than last semester with this new variant
  4. turtle7584

    2 Week Fleet Standard ROM

    Supes call tonight, cases are spiking, new covid variant is on the yard. AMA
  5. turtle7584

    NROTC Scholarship Commitment

    I received the ISR scholarship last year and did a wealth of research on it. If I'm remembering correctly, it is binding but an appointment to USNA can override that. I'll try and find the official document and get it to you. I ended up being DQ'd for the ISR for prior drug use but ended up...
  6. turtle7584

    Army Navy Ticket Refunds?

    Depending on ones last exam or last military obligation. Sorry I didn’t clarify.
  7. turtle7584

    Army Navy Ticket Refunds?

    The dant said at a 4/C Commandant's call, there are two options that they are looking into: 1) No fans, no cadets, no mids and we will be released for leave a few days early 2) Just cadets and mids on Dec 12, and we will be released for leave most likely following the game. Either way, we will...
  8. turtle7584

    Presidential/Disabled Vet Nomination

    You send it one form, as you cannot receive both the special nom and the the presidential form. Also make sure you attach the pertaining documents showing proof of disability.
  9. turtle7584

    No Physics

    I didn’t take AP physics until my senior year. As said before me, take it next year if you can.
  10. turtle7584

    Admissions Counselor

    I never contacted my Counselor unless there was a concern over my application. They don't control who gets LOAs. Simply calling to get your name and how bad you want it won't change the chances of receiving an appointment. You could try to see what you could improve on, but to be honest, these...
  11. turtle7584

    Rising 2 Degree at USAFA, AMA

    Thank you so much!
  12. turtle7584

    Rising 2 Degree at USAFA, AMA

    You said logged pilot hours are considered. Is it possible for Cadets to gain these while at USAFA (for those w/o a PPL)? Or is this based on prior experience before attending? Thank you!
  13. turtle7584

    Rising 2 Degree at USAFA, AMA

    What are the chances for getting a pilot slot for a non-STEM vs STEM major?
  14. turtle7584

    Class decisions

    Take Chemistry. AP Chem was personally the hardest AP class I took out of the eleven throughout my tenure in high school. An extra year of chem before hand will definitely help you out senior year when you are also talking other APs.
  15. turtle7584

    Return of the cadet wing and the class of '24.

    I have heard from BCT staff (indirectly) that C/o 2024 will be quarantined for 14 days upon arrival and BCT will be about 21 days long. There will be no switch off from 1st to 2nd beast. Of course, this is all subject to change and is not official unless it has been said by the academy itself...
  16. turtle7584

    USAFA Class of 2024 Appointment Thread

    Glad to see someone else with this nom. Congrats!
  17. turtle7584

    Covid-19, USAFA tours delayed

    No, you’re fine! I just didn’t want to be giving information that can be misinterpreted
  18. turtle7584

    Covid-19, USAFA tours delayed

    Sorry, the admissions lady didn’t clarify and I wasn’t aware!
  19. turtle7584

    Covid-19, USAFA tours delayed

    As of now, the tours they had planned on April 3rd, 6th, and 10th are not cancelled. I called admissions and they said to check this website for any official cancellations. Also, if you have a DoD identification card you’re are still allowed on campus.
  20. turtle7584

    ISR NROTC confirmations

    Was selected for ISR by regional recruiting office but was DQ’d and put back into national pool for prior marijuana use (one time is disqualifying for ISR). Was selected for the national scholarship today! Feeling blessed for this opportunity. Don’t do drugs kids!