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    This all you need for USC:
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    NSI Session Iteration 2, Day 1 Update

    New Update: Daughter feels very proud she was complimented by one of the DIs for her ability to yell at people. Said she had excellent projection. 🤣 Her mother taught her well.
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    NSI Session Iteration 2, Day 1 Update

    Females with abnormally colored/dyed hair OR females with unusually lopsided in length haircuts were shaved identically to the males. That is all.
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    I’m pretty sure I’d love it!
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    NROTC San Diego/USC

    Watch this video of the USC midshipmen. USC all the way. Life at USC NROTC
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    Question for female ROTC cadets (or former cadets)

    College, with or without ROTC, is whatever you make of it. My daughter is hyper-involved with college: NROTC, engineering major and sorority. She’s doing pretty well and having the time of her life. We were sad for her that the USNA didn’t work out but I don’t think she’d change a thing at this point.
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    Interesting read for ROTC

    We began to look into Col. Kirkland’s services when our daughter got an NROTC scholarship on the 1st board several years ago. If you haunt these pages the way I did at the time, nothing much that Mr. Kirkland had to offer was anything all that earth-shattering or much of a revelation. It would...
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    AF Disenrollment ?s, No field training slot

    Same thing happened to a friend’s son at a Southeastern university. AFROTC unceremoniously dumped him and the Army unit on the other side of the wall snapped him up, sent him to summer training and he will be on scholarship in December 2021. Kid was a National Merit Scholar, lettered in 3...
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    Just finished NROTC NSI Cycle 2... Ask Me Anything

    To all NSI Participants this year, It’s CORTRAMID next year. Enjoy.
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    NROTC Scholarship helped DS get into #1 school choice!!

    USC NROTC at its Finest!
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    OHIO State NROTC?

    Just down to the southwest there is a MUCH better option for NROTC at Miami University... 😀 IF you are working with an NROTC scholarship, the school allows ALL academic scholarship $$$ to be used for room and board. Late in the process and you probably haven’t applied for Miami academic...
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    NROTC Summer Cruise

    Sounded like they got slapped around with a welcome PRT but after that it seems to have fallen in to past descriptions that I’ve read about CORTRAMID being a monthlong vacation. Daughter got a flight suit issued and she seems convinced she’ll get an Osprey ride and time on a sub - her two must...
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    Up bright and early for the early AM midshipman airport dump off and upon her checking baggage she was informed her flight to Charlotte was changed so she’ll end up missing the SD cross-country flight. It’ll be a fun day airport lounging I foresee. From a 1PM arrival to an 9PM one!😂😂😂 The...
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    Favorite NROTC Schools?

    Miami University. You’re smart enough to get the NROTC scholarship so you probably have crossed the magical 30 ACT threshold. That means you get a very hefty academic scholarship that CAN BE applied to room and board at Good Ole Miami U. So tuition, room and board are all paid for. Great...
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    Fingers are crossed for all midshipmen. You’ll be off for schooling as an NFO?
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    Was this the latest pushed out from your cross town school and it is now being mentioned as somewhat firmer? It seems to be the exact same dates that have been floating on this board since the Fall of last year. I’d love them to be (somewhat) firm or rock solid but just didn’t know if you had...
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    NROTC HS Class of 2022 questions

    Wow. Clicking that SWO link is like going down a rabbit hole. It’s another language altogether.
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    Last Name Question

    Doesn’t always fix things...
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    Average GPA to branch Infantry

    I say the below in jest.. or do I? 😃 Switch majors from whatever type of engineering and switch to Underwater Basket Weaving. The UBW major will allow you to boost the GPA and you can then branch Infantry or whatever your MOS of choice. You get a few more points for a STEM major (depending on...
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    How did it go? And good of you @Big_Nate830 to check in.