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    Most likely. Qualified does not mean accepted however, it just means over one hurdle, and in this case hold (at least part of it) is likely because of a lack of nomination. When the nomination comes in though, he could still be on hold depending on where he falls into the ranking.
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    USMMA - Service Assignment

    Yes. USMMA is the toughest of all of the academies due to its limited degree opportunities, heavy math and science requirements, no liberal arts degrees, and a class schedule that is unheard of anywhere else, along with athletics and regiment. Basically, for easy comparison purposes, a...
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    Travel during Winter Break

    Vortexkp99--spot on. That, and every time there was any leave, or liberty for plebes, coming back and have privileges taken away always resulted in a pissed off plebe (or any year really) in my family :)
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    November Leave

    If you are thinking of having your plebe stay, if they still have host families/mentor families, your plebe can possibly go to them. There will also be a large number of plebes from the local surrounding area which, if your plebe is friendly with, can get an invite to spend the day with them...
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    Question about computer package

    buy the package, but, you can bring your own as well, if you want to work on the laptop offline and transfer files etc to the surface. Having a second device is a good safety measure
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    Auto insurance for kids at service academies.

    There is a difference between using a company that understands the academies and one that simply assumes it is like college. Under the USAA plan, your mid would not be named on the policy, formally, but would not be dropped from it either. The mid is not charged, and, during holiday leave...
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    If anyone wants to talk to a plebe

    I do not know what occurs at the other academies and I only know what I saw with my son. 20% in the first year is about right. second year is 5-7% and third year is about the same. Fourth year could equal 2d and 3d year depending on what is going on at the school. Plebe year is mostly...
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    Medical Set Back

    medical setback does require you to pass dodmerb again, and get cleared of whatever the reason was for the set back. But, at least as of a couple years ago, a setback is not disenrollment, and you do not have to "re-qualify" with the exception of whatever is indicated on the setback...
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    Will this mean I'm booted?

    I don't even think of Webb, as I hardly ever run into their graduates in what I need those guys to do. But, you are absolutely right, a top notch program. My bad.
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    Will this mean I'm booted?

    UNO is a great program for naval architecture and marine engineering. I would put it number 3, behind MIT and Michigan. so, you are in a great plan B program
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    Injury after appointment question

    back when, DS's separated shoulder (a minor separation) caused him more paperwork grief than did his operated knee/meniscus
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    Primary v. Principal Nomination

    There are some older threads that discuss the decline statistic, as the numbers used do not add up totally. I believe that the principal declined is not just allocated vacancies. In the past principal appointment has shown up on the portal for later rounds of appointments, when, arguably, the...
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    Primary v. Principal Nomination

    Class size is less than about 25% of the DOD schools.
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    Primary v. Principal Nomination

    There is no principal nomination to USMMA. Each congressman is not guaranteed a spot, therefore there is no No. 1 Principal. Your MOC may have listed you as No. 1 in his list, but, for USMMA, that is not the same as for the DOD schools.
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    Sea Year / Sea Bag

    we went to REI, and got two waterproof duffles. One patagonia - smaller, for carry on, and the other a large one, w/o wheels, 70L I believe. they have stood the time and the abuse. Expensive but well worth it
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    KP Khakis vs USNA Khakis - same or different?

    You can purchase khakis, SDB and whites from NEX online, at their uniform shop. I really dont understand all of the let the mid do it themselves talk again, as I don't see any issue with ordering uniforms if they need it. Its not like when you walk through the KP gate that you give up all...
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    2024 USMMA Appointment DIY Thread

    Sorry to hear about the inability to attend/be set back, but, for future readers who may have questions, 2023mom's son's ordeal is a prime example of Plan B. Would like to hear if he goes back to NMMI, or another prep school for the year to increase/keep his chances for admin. (if a second...
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    Extra Items beyond Checklist?

    This may be late. But, Bible, or other prayer book is fine. Sports equipment and cleats--if he is a part of the team, the team should have made contact about where the equipment should be dropped off. In the past, the teams would gather the plebe equipment and hold it for them.
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    Class of 2020 numbers

    Someone with access to the full stats from the other schools can chime in, but I believe USMMA may be the highest for attrition. The drop rate during Indoc, Beast, etc., are very similar, 1-1.5%. Then, it is during the first year that drops are heavy at USMMA, and then again after sea year. I...
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    Class of 2020 numbers

    Admitted Summer 2016: 279 Graduating Class Size: 210 Licenses: 101 Deck/109 Engine Men: 166 Women: 44 Minority Representation: 41 U.S. Merchant Marine: 125 Active Duty: 83 Army: 9 Navy: 33 Air Force: 7 Marine Corps: 14 Coast Guard: 20 KP Scholars: 3