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  1. Sandlapper

    USNA Class of 2027 Waitlist: Team Hopeful

    DS just returned from overnight with his 1st choice NROTC 4 year scholarship school (VA Tech Corps of Cadets ) and loved it. Much better experience than his USNA CVW with a Midshipman who was quite verbal on his unhappiness in being there and wanting to be at the USAFA (his 1st choice). DS said...
  2. Sandlapper

    USNA Class of 2027 Waitlist: Team Hopeful

    1. SnootyHen/DS, WL on 4/12/23, First time candidate, MOC, IL 2. Hudica, WL on 4/12/23, FTC, MOC, WA 3. Ocean.travels/DD, WL on 4/12/23, First time candidate, MOC, DE 4. Jester/ self, WL 4/12/23, First time candidate, MOC, MO 5. Navyfly73/DS, WL 4/12/23, first time candidate , MOC, MI 6...
  3. Sandlapper

    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    DS got the 4 year NROTC scholarship to VA Tech (his first choice). We dropped our deposit too. He’s excited even though we’re waiting for an appointment offer that seems beyond reality if it comes to pass. He found our last night he was accepted to GA Tech so that pumped his confidence and...
  4. Sandlapper

    4-Year NROTC Scholarship Acceptance Thread

    Number Anonymous Username College Class of: Type (NROTC - Navy option, NROTC - Marine Option, NROTC - Nursing Option) Scholarship Type Intended School (pending acceptance, can update the thread if plans change). 0 Fake_Sample01 2027 NROTC - Navy Option 4-Year National Scholarship TAMU Corps of...
  5. Sandlapper

    Candidate Visitation Weekend Boxed Meal

    Arrived in the early afternoon with my DS and grabbed a large late lunch. We figured that the box chow would be minimal which is fine. Agree that the social aspect of breaking bread with other prospects and plebes will be something that can't be found in a restaurant. DS had a great time but...