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  1. LJFalco


    I was accepted for direct entry on April 13and notified by my flight commander. Second time applying so good luck to those who haven't found out or who plan to apply again. Also for others who were accepted how long was it after your commander told you did they update your portal application for...
  2. LJFalco

    Lead program appointments

    That's pretty much exactly what happened to me (besides he ALO part), I'm sweating bullets over here! It is kind of comforting that I know there are others in the same situation. They do say most enlisted guys find out mid April and hats coming up so we will see!
  3. LJFalco

    Lead program appointments

    That's awesome for you guys! I didn't get mine done till the tail end of Janurary, not sure when you guys finished your applications. If you don't mind me asking were you a direct appointment or prep and what is a summed up version of your application just to compare if I'm competitive
  4. LJFalco

    Lead program appointments

    Hello everyone new to the forums and was wondering if any prior enlisted personnel have heard back yet? I know the common thought is that the boards generally meet in April but diving into some older forums I saw a lot of people got theirs in March and some even in January. Any information...