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    LEAD Program

    Jayaller! Glad to hear that you're interested in the Academy. I was a SrA prior to coming here and now I'm a freshman so the application process is relatively fresh in memory. If you have any questions about applying, cadet basic training, or just how freshman year goes I'd be glad to help. I...
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    thanks guys! I definitely won't quit and I look forward to meeting you guys on the otherside some day
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    Class of 2019 Appointment Thread

    1. Juvat (DD), Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, FL-21 2. Navydad1971 (DD), Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, MD-5 3. KTMDad (DS), Appointment, 24 Oct, Presidential, CA-04 4. RckyMtnKP (DS), Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, CO-5 5. Gator19, Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, AL-01 6...
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    Turns out that my Commander called me this morning even though he was on leave out of Korea! I had a mini heart attack when he said "Do you think this is good news or bad news?". I said "I hope I said I'm praying its good news sir." he then told me I was appointed!
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    Got it. I've been in for almost 2 so that adds a bit more confidence in my application. And around what time did you find out the rejection the first time?
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    I applied through LEAD too. Enlisted_Programmer, how long were you enlisted when you applied the first time, and do you think that made a difference in your application? thanks in advance.