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    Name Tapes

    2023 packing list requests 2 additional full sets of name tapes (name, U.S. Army, full color flag)
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    USMA Class of 2027 Appointment List - Self-Updating

    # Username DS/DD/SELF LOA/No LOA APPT Date Status State Nom Source Direct/Non-Direct 1 saaplicant232 Self 7-Oct-22 Undecided Presidential Direct Appointment 2 ChatterMom2 DD LOA 28-Oct-22 Will Decline Presidential Direct Appointment 3 Morey8525 Self LOA 28-Oct-22 Will Accept OH...
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    USCGA Class of 2027 Appointment List

    1) T37IP/ DS / 23 Nov 22 / Undecided / Direct 2) snshsfsg/Self/23 Nov 22/Undecided/Direct 3) mkincer14/Self/ 23 Nov 22/ Undecided/ Direct 4) MajMartin/DD/23 Nov 22/Undecided/Direct 5) swimmom816/ DS/22 Nov 22/MES/Ohio/ Accepted /Direct 6) HSSenior2023/Self/25 Nov 22/ Undecided/ Direct...
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    When Do I receive Follow-Up Documents for CVW?

    Forms and information for USNA CVW are available here: