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    Ship Selection 2023

    Is there a list that shows where all midshipmen are headed, not only SWO?
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    What criteria is used for promotions within a respective class? Does it begin at PS?

    Reminds me of police academy days: one week you're leading, the next you're fired. Makes for good evaluation/feedback of the whole class when placed in those roles/assignments regarding leadership ability and style as well as aids in cross-training and solid overview/big picture understanding of...
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    What criteria is used for promotions within a respective class? Does it begin at PS?

    @Usnavy2019, thank you for the detailed explanation. Positional authority (or opportunities for responsibility/leadership) was what I was aiming at. BTW, I'm just a parent who's trying to understand the inner workings as a non-military person. So, thank you! It was what I was looking for.
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    What criteria is used for promotions within a respective class? Does it begin at PS?

    Within the Brigade, how does a midshipman earn a promotion? For example, will some 4C's outrank others? Or, do only 1C's have some of the ranks? Does the criteria begin to be measured during Plebe Summer?
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    PRT Running

    80/20 Running by Matt Fitzgerald is a book with some good plans on how to improve overall mileage and speed. It endorses 80% low intensity 20% high intensity. You can skip some of the beginning if you don't need to know the "why" of the plan. There is also a website: 80/20 Running
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    Leadership Advice

    Well, hopefully not "defiantly." ;)
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    Candidate Packets 2026

    True about the due date. Although, in DS' case, one counselor dragged her feet until the USNA deadline -the principal had to nudge her along - and caused DS to miss some other college deadlines, because he asked (in my opinion) for evals in the fall. Whether that was COVID- related on her part...
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    Organizing USNA Permit to Report Package

    Here is page 2 of the "Patient Registration Form" usma_2025 has organized as I.2.c. DS asked because he noticed the bottom of the form read "continued on back." But there was no "back" that he could find.
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    Patient Registration Form and "Form reviewed by" Immunization Questionnaire

    Top form will be reviewed by someone at USNA, I presume. Bottom form date of birth format should be standard MMDDYYYY. Ex. 01/01/2021. Page 2 is instructions, if you're referring to form DD3111. Page 2 for the other form NHCLA 6150/24 concerns insurance. It also explains that the FMP (Family...
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    USCGA Class of 2025 Appointment Thread

    ) VivaCristoRey! Self 9-Nov-20 VA MechEng Undecided 2) T37IP DS 10-Nov-20 PA MechEng Undecided 3) Ironman4 DD 10-Nov-20 IL Undecided Accepted 4) PickledBeets DS 10-Nov-20 NJ Undecided Accepted 5) Dadof5 DS 10-Nov-20 GA MechEng Accepted 6) Navy09Mom DS 11-Nov-20 XX MechEng...
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    USNA Class of 2025 Appointments Update-Entire-List-Yourself

    o. SAF Username Self DD/DS LOA? Offer Date Accepted/ Declined? State/ District Nomination Type(s) Appt. Type 1 @Orval DS Yes 16-Dec-20 Accepted WI Congr. Direct 2 @MCC123 DS Yes 16-Dec-20 Will Accept NC Sen. Direct 3 @RowNerd Self Yes 17-Dec-20 Will Accept FL JROTC, ROTC Direct 4...
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    NROTC Scholarship results?

    DS’ portal notified him today that he was not a recipient of an NROTC scholarship. However, he has options: AFROTC type 7, USCGA, and USNA. The big reveal will be tomorrow. Can’t wait! Feels like Christmas. One final note to others is to get those applications in asap and give your...
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    MIT vs USAFA with Pilot Selection

    Great username/handle, btw. Very funny.
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    With the "written in jello" rubric, I was simply curious. I agree that parents' weekend is the one I want to be at if I could only pick one. But, who wouldn't hold out hope for a chance to be at both? ;)
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    With the recent changes in the CDC guidelines and encouragement from POTUS for outdoor events, is there any chance USNA will allow parents on I-Day , even though the PTR paperwork states drop-off only?
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    Room and Board

    I would have your kiddo reach out to the unit of the university he/she will attend to help with that. The university will also assist. Facebook also has an RPI parents page in addition to the unit's page where your midshipman can make inquiries.
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    USCGA EE Major - Level of Difficulty and Degree of Retention

    Thanks for that information. It's what I had hoped to hear!
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    USCGA EE Major - Level of Difficulty and Degree of Retention

    DS received an appointment for USCGA as an EE major (ME was initial choice). Just wondering how many successfully stay in EE (retention/attrition), or at least as an engineering major, and what degree of help they can expect to receive to progress in the major (DS will ask for help if needed and...
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    How Important are SAT/ACT scores? And How Do I Study In Order To Improve

    I have four kiddos and three of them have worked through the online Princeton Review SAT/ACT programs (I think any of the competing platforms work just as well). They're not cheap, but doable. They went from the mid-1300s to 1540 and 1500 in nine months. We did not use the premium/platinum...
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    USNA Class of 2025 Appointments Update-Entire-List-Yourself

    Almost everything was submitted in December. But the last pieces (some teacher recs and the HS counselor portion) were uploaded by February 22. DoDMERB was done in November followed by a technical DQ for the acne medicine until requisite paperwork from the doc was submitted to DoDMERB clearing...