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    West Point sued over affirmative action admissions

    If I recall the Supreme's decision, it specifically said that they weren't going to rule on the issue of applicability to Service Academies. This comment was made in response to an amicus brief filed by the Service Academies or other group which argued that Service Academies had a bona fide...
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    Missing F35

    Interesting..probably for Ground Controlled Approach (GCA) since it only shows when gear is down
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    Missing F35

    What is that attachment ? Certainly not something to enhance radar signature...the F105 was HUGE (and besides, if mounted to nosegear, it wouldn't help when retracted)
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    Missing F35

    Maybe someone a whole lot smarter (or current ) than I can explain, but I can't imagine that any plane flying in the East Coast corridor is going to operate with a transponder and/or IFF ... If a missed approach scenario, they could have been low on fuel so crash wouldn't have as big a...
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    2C parent musings

    Do Midshipman have that option now ? Aside from logistics (how do they get off the Yard during the day), all medical treatment should be included in the service member's medical record. (Get's me wondering, I presume all medical records are electronic now..back in the day it was a fat , hard...
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    BGO not assigned?

    Concur with Hoops and '85 - I don't do my interviews until they show "substantial progress"....the meaning varies, particularly the last couple years when BGIS is not always reflecting the actual status. The official guidance is an interview is "late" if not completed before the Application...
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    Inspire Program

    My bad..I thought the OP was referring to the Application process...I was not aware that there is an interview involved with Inspire. It's a relatively new outreach program, and not a whole lot of information about the selection process has been communicated to the BGO's.
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    Inspire Program

    Attending Inspire does not circumvent the Application process, ie. timing of Offer depends on how quickly you submit the application. Most BGO's look for some progress on application before scheduling interview. Everything you really need to know is at the www. /Admissions website...
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    Never Forget. 9/11

    CDR Pat Dunn '85 was a NAPS and USNA Classmate, and CDR Bill Donovan '86 was the 3P on my Crew...both great guys and missed.😭
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    CVW for college re-applicant?

    Unless there is some reason DD wants to take another look at USNA, there is no reason to attend.... It sounds like the CVW invite went out to every candidate, so not really an indication of everything. I DD focus should be on excelling in her first semester of college,,not traveling and...
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    Another candidate visit weekend question...

    Apples and Oranges., while the basics elements are the same (ie. a weekend visit to the Yard), CVW's are essentially open to all Candidates (subject to space availability and scheduling), while INSPIRE is a targeted outreach program.
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    Another candidate visit weekend question...

    No...likely that the invite went out to everyone that had completed a certain portion of their application. Also, keep in mind that there is a finite capacity for CVW's-- and limited spaces will go to those that didn't attend NASS .
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    How long does a waiver request decision take?

    That is the general rule..but as with all rules, there are exceptions... so the answer to the OP is "it depends."
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    Change my mind observation based upon Nav Training was that Air Force operated from a strictly by the book, ie." if it isn't in the book, you can't do it" philosophy, were the Navy approach was that if it wasn't expressly prohibited, then you could do it (with a little leeway if you didn't get...
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    Change my mind

    I'm not sure OP original question of Navy v. AF was answered,,,and I'm going to take a slightly different tack - First, one can argue that "odds" of a flight billet are greater or less at the one service academy over another, and that real men fly off carriers, etc. but my BGO (long ago, in the...
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    C/O '26 parents - place to commiserate and share. Roller coaster for the next 3 years!

    I suspect that at least 20ish of us had that exact same thought ... Welcome to the Club ! (If you couldn't tell... 8th Wing Refugee and I were inmates at NAPS together).
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    C/O '26 parents - place to commiserate and share. Roller coaster for the next 3 years!

    Duke. Duke. Duke.....Duke of NAPS...... (and I always loved Ruiz' "I am an American Fighting Man imitation...) Sorry SAF ...brief diversion, kinda a 2-2 inside thing !
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    USNA Class of 2028 Waiting and Speculating

    Inspire is a targeted program selected by Admissions, but CVW is not and is not an indicator of competitiveness or a successful application. In fact, Admissions would like to get as many candidates as possible to attend a CVW , particularly if they applied and didn't get selected to NASS...
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    USNA Class of 2028 Waiting and Speculating

    > Admissions was well aware of issues with this years system upgrades long before it became a daily topic on SAF. I've seen numerous reports and have been trying to preach patience for months. Repeated calls just make the problem worse. > I always love this question... I have no idea...