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    What to put down

    For the USNA Summer Seminar (I know it's not open yet, but I remember seeing this question and it just came back to me) one of the questions asks what grade I got in Chemistry and Physics. Last school year I took H. Chemistry and this upcoming year I'm taking AP chemistry because I liked...
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    ACT score

    Based on class profiles-- No. 2016: 26-30 ....38% on English 2017: 26-30...... 39% on English 2018: 26-30...... 31% on English 2019: 26-30...... 33% on English Taking a guess here, but I'd say most of those who got in that score range got a higher level score like 29 or 30. There's also people...
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    ACT, Waiver, and Civil Prep

    For the part about the ACT I'm going to take a guess and say science doesn't really count as much as its mostly graph/table/paragraph comprehension and if you can interpret information presented in those formats in a scientific way. Math is self-explanatory in why its important. Now for the...
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    Any Suggestions

    I am in my Sophomore year at highschool. For my freshman year I took Eng 1 Honors, Algebra 1, World Geography, integrated science honors, biology honors, and health and PE as required classes, and then some electives. Not in any sports/clubs that year. Towards the end of my freshman year I found...