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    A Question for ROTC Applicants

    My son looked at the academies and the regular colleges and decided on the Corps of Cadets at VT. He never applied at any academies. He is still in his freshman year, so it is tough, but getting easier. The Corps of Cadets is a great "in between" and is by no means easy--they live in barracks...
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    What are "boards?" "Boarding" an app?

    The Army, Navy and Air Force have boards as early as September--I think for 2009, the first Army board was September 23, 2008 or something link that. However the Marine Corps has a little different process--they have a PFT test of running, pull ups and sit ups, whiich is completed by command...
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    Choice of School?

    It depends if there is room at the schools you want to go to. If you get selected early, you will likely get the school you want--as the slots fill up, your choice of schools may not be available and you have to take what's left. All the more reason to get your application in early. If you...
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    navy-marines vice-versa

    The best way-and the most difficult-is a 4 yr. scholarship. Good luck, as there are very few-only a few hundred get accepted each year and those that aren't used do not get regenerated. The Marine Options are part of NROTC and are considered mid shipmen and some of their courses are the same...
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    Tatoo From the ROTC orientation a few weeks ago---don't know which program you are talking about. In the Corps of Cadets program, at most universities, a student is forbidden from getting ANY tatoos while they are a cadet. Again, not sure about all of them. As far as the ROTC in general, I can...
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    Marine Option NROTC

    Everything NHUSNA said is true. The Marine Option is difficult to get. My son was one of 11 out of 34, so bring your A game throughout the entire process. As far as what you major in, it does not matter. And my understanding is the only service that wants specific degrees is the Air Force. The...
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    NROTC scholarship and medical insurance

    My son too will be going on an NROTC-Marine Option scholarship. I'm pretty sure the answer is "No." At least I have never heard of anything different. You may want to check into other scholarships that are available to ROTC midshipmen through the school or alumni association. They may cover some...
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    Marine Corps Option NROTC?

    There is alot of info on the Marine Option scholarship on this site. Scroll through the posts and you will likely find all your answers. The Marine Option scholarship is the most difficult scholarship to get. There is alot of competition and they offer a fraction of scholarships compared to the...
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    Presentation of ROTC Scholarship?

    There is supposed to be a Captain and local recruiter presenting my son with with his NROTC-Marine Option scholarship. I think all the the winners should be awarded at the school. The services could get facetime with hundreds of students looking for careers---what a recruiting tool. Also, the...
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    You must choose Navy or Marine--not both. From what I hear, it is easier to switch from a Navy scholarship to a Marine Corps scholarship, but the problem is by the time you find out you didn't get a Marine Corps scholarship-they are the hardest to get-it is too late to get a Navy scholarship...
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    Best ROTC Programs?

    Will your son or daughter be going to VT or A&M?
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    Switching scholarships

    My son accepted an AROTC scholarship in October ('08). He just got notified he received an NROTC Marine Option scholarship last week. I know a person can now decline the AROTC and accept the NROTC-Marine Option. My son has calls in to his school to see how to go about the process-declining one...
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    Army Rotc process

    Yes, many are offered multiple scholarships. Logically thinking, a person would think that would free up some scholarships from academy appointments and people declining their scholarships. I know a person who got a Navy scholarship in August, about two weeks before school started. I guess it...
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    NROTC Marine Corps boards meet this week

    My son got the scholarship (internet), but no contact from the Corps- at least not yet. Same thing happened with the Army. The Captain was on leave when the scholarships were announced. Has your son decided on Army or Marines? What school?
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    NROTC Marine Corps boards meet this week

    Now says "Congratulations! You have received a NROTC Marine Option scholarship......." WOW!! Pretty exciting! Good luck to everyone
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    NROTC Marine Corps boards meet this week

    Yeah, then it's decision time between the Army or Marines........
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    NROTC Marine Corps boards meet this week

    My son's went from "All items have been processed" to "Waiting for math evaluation"---this appears to be good news, but who knows. Waiting....waiting....waiting....
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    Army Rotc process

    The Army was very efficient with the process. My son found out in October, a few weeks after the September board. From talking to a few people who would know, the Army is really, really short on junior officers, plus they have the most money, which allows more scholarships.
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    USMA then jets

    WOW!! Read the whole blog here. Pretty interesting. My only advice for whatever service you choose is ask yourself this question: "If I don't get to do what I want to do (MOS), will I be happy doing what the XXXXX (fill in branch) wants me to do?" If not, then you may want to look elsewhere...
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    Unaccepted AFROTC scholarships

    Well, it all goes to the the weird "super secret selection" ROTC process. There are soooo many questions about the ROTC process and so many different answers are given from different people that I don't think you will ever get a solid answer about that. I'm not knocking the system, because they...