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    Nearsighted can't attend the USNA??

    Thank you very much:benny monkeysmilies:I was scared
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    attend USNA for further goal?

    I'm a Junior in high school, I just knew about USNA 6 months ago. I did a lot of research. let put this straightforward, my life goal is to become a doctor. with my current academic aspect and grade, I strongly believe that if I will get accepted in Medical school. without attending the USNA...
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    Nearsighted can't attend the USNA??

    I'm a Junior in Highschool, just finish my application for 2018 NASS. I have a quick concern that 'normal vision' mean 20/20? My vision is about 15/20 or worse, so no matter how competitive I am, I will not be accepted?:confused::confused::bang: Quick question, when will be the good time for me...
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    Question about Summer Seminar requirements

    WAIT.... Is that mean you will not accept if your vision is not 20/20???:eek: I'm a quite heavy nearsighted probably 15/20 or worse. I just turn in my NASS application :screwy::screwy::(:(
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    USNA Admissions FAQs -- AKA "Am I Competitive?"

    Thank You so much, This is really helpful!