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    LOA question

    As a mama of 2 OG's - one with no LOA/LOE and one with a LOE who both were star men, star and wreath men - live in the moment. Embrace all opportunities. We spent too much time wondering and speculating. Both ended where they needed to be and continue to flourish.
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    USMA grad whose kids go to USNA

    I will let the Rhodes Scholars know.
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    USMA grad whose kids go to USNA
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    USMA grad whose kids go to USNA

    Is that why there are almost double the Rhodes Scholars at USMA than USNA? I have always wondered that.
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    2021 Army-Navy Game Spirit Spots

    Helm yeah! He always makes me laugh.
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    On the Fence About Going to USMA

    My OG currently in BOLC has stated he was more prepared for BOLC and was able to prepare for the GMAT simultaneously. Tested in November and received the score he wanted. He has enjoyed more freedom and looks forward to his first post. The opportunities at USMA far outweigh the lack of freedom...
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    Completely agree. I was not a fan of how USMA handled the cheating in Math 104. I do wonder how this topic has been completely glossed over when the conversation was heated on the USMA board. Edited to add - not a huge conversation on the post about shot gunning. So many were all over how USMA...
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    My son was on the accelerated math track therefore did not take Math 104. Hope everyone is well!
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    The crickets on the forum after the extensive conversation about the USMA cheating scandal is interesting. "Honor Concept?"
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    Can any Old Grads put my mind at ease?

    Both of my sons appeared to have lost weight during Beast but both actually gained weight. My ‘23 has been in the field for almost a month and he hasn’t complained about food. The grab and go during the academic year is a huge help. Academic year 20-21 was a challenge for the mess hall both...
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    Is there a different cadet oath for D1 athletes?
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    They didn’t earn the spot for 2024 and will get their chance now with 2025. It’s easy to judge choices made by someone else when you don’t walk in their shoes. Success takes many paths. It’s been a #%^* show 13 months. Mental health matters. I would rather my sons know I support their well...
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    Do cadets who cheated get another year of athletics? That would be unreal on the dime of taxpayers.
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    West Point Cheating Scandal

    Where are people reading about cadets and mids logging into a website? Has that been released by either USMA or USNA? I have not read that anywhere.
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    No Thanksgiving break

    My favorite holiday for all of the listed reasons.
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    Anyone remember the poster a few years ago collecting appointments from everywhere BUT USMA? Pepperidge Farm remembers too. :)
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    Facebook Parents gone Wild

    University of Alabama has an athletic dorm which they allow honor students to live in. They are also allowed to eat in the mess hall with a small surcharge. My '21 USMA son went on a visit there and was blown away by the regular food much less the athletic food. Sounds like all the academies...
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    Does anyone know if YMCA Swim Team counts as "varsity" for your USNA application?

    Did your HS offer team swim and you chose not to participate? That is a huge difference. My club swimmer smoked many varsity athletes in swim - went to regional meet and smoked many swimmers there too. He would have no trouble introducing himself as the person on a club team who beat the...
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    A-Day News?

    No clue. Run back may be my favorite memory with my '21. My '23 was hoping it would turn back to run back but it is a ruck.
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    A-Day News?

    Last year. :(